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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 26 - What you like about Sungyeol

Sungyeollie :B

I'm sure many of you would be wondering who is this person in my Twitter's avatar. HAHA yes, it is no other than Sungyeol!!!! Or better known as SungyOWL kkkkkkkkkk by looking at the picture above, seems like he's not a handsome person LOL here may I present to you the hottest tallest guy atm hihihihihi

Much better? LOL Sungyeol is actually the third person between me and Hoya BAHAHAHA yes Sungyeol is really near to Hoya's place. He can steal Hoya's place in my heart anytime XDDD Just so you know, I put his picture as my homescreen and lock screen wallpaper for my tablet, handphone wallpaper, as well as my Twitter avatar. And until now, I don't feel like changing the pictures as I don't feel sick at all looking at his face everyday :3

I really love his character, especially his CHODING-ness XDD Acting like an elementary school kid, did pranks towards the other members, revealing the member's secrets. I really hate the fact that he still doesn't have confidence towards his voice, to me, he sings pretty well! 

It's not that bad after all! Sing more pls okay???

Full of choding-ness! Even wanted to win against those smaller kids. Aigoo~

Last one, my fav :3

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