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Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 24 - What you like about Woohyun

This guy.......


Or do u mean this kid? HAHAHHA

hmmm what can I say about him. He has the best voice in this group. Despite the group's aggressive dancing steps on stage, he still manages to sing the chorus part beautifully. Nowdays I always listen to his solo track before I go to bed. I love his abs the most XDDDD How I wish "Be Mine" promotion hasn't ended yet cuz I can't get enough of Woohyun's abs looooooool

Seriously Woohyun, you have the best imitation of your own members! This cracks me up all the time mannnnn!

P/s : Yes, because I was busy with open houses and lab report, I decided to post this today.

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