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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 23 - What you like about Dongwoo

Dongwoo..... Jang DongWoo *imitates Woohyun who imitates him* lols

Ahhhh I think I have written something bout him before right........

So, Dongwoo is famous because of his laugh. And yes, I love his laugh the most. Even if it's not funny, he still laughs -.- There's no single day where he didn't smile and laugh. He has a happy and cheerful personality which I like :)

So is Dongwoo actually a stupid or a genius person? hahahahaa seriously I laughed at this question. He is actually a genius XDDD I think he is one of the sweetest guy <3 Also, he is a caring hyung towards the other members, being the lovely wife to Hoya *giggles*

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