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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 22 - What you like about Sunggyu

I.........forgot.....to......post.......this.......yesterday......hahahahaha sorry!

Sunggyu? Ahhhhh i've never paid much attention to him when I first know Infinite. But I do remember his face though. As he has a lot of screening time (cuz of his singing parts), until now I am in love with his eyes!!!!! His eyes made me remember his face (but not his name) lol.

When I found out about him as a leader, I went like "really? Is he really the leader....." hahaha yeahhh I thought Woohyun was the leader OTL but then, after I watched their shows, now I know why he is the leader. Why he deserves it.

I mean, look at him! He looks like he's the maknae or something like that. Acting cute and stuffs <3 Okay now back to the topic, he really is a good leader. Same like the other group leaders. Watched Sesame Player and there's one episode where he asks the manager whether he can bring the kids out cuz they were all stressed out of their comebacks. Seeing him taking good care of the other members. How he spend his money for his dongsaengs. Buy them chicken, drinks and all that stuffs. The way he takes care of his younger brothers is priceless. Really.

Here, could you tell me where did his eyes go? HAHAHAHA <3

Is he really the leader? haaha

Bonus, for those who wants sexy Gyu :PP
So yeah, all of us fans wanted to be the mic stand~~

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