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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Thanks IYLIA for telling me. If not, i don't know what happened to you.

This is my advice, take a good rest, and make sure you take all the medicine too okay? I will be waiting for youuuuu. Hopefully you'll recover soon :)

I can become crazy without you having around me babe. SO pleaseeee :/

*Ughhh u know whattt? My mom wants me to see the doctor and take an injection cuz she scares that i might having an infection from her. WHAT? Nooo nooo motherrrr i'm always a healthy person okay hehehe :P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coll Coll

Its COLLEGE story time! hahaha i know i owe my blog a lot of post, so i'm gonna do it now while i'm still in a "typing" mood HAHA.

Ok ok first, imma college student now. YEAH. And for those who still doesn't know, im studying at UCSI Cheras and im taking Foundation in Science, degree in Food Science and Nutrition *sometimes i say Technology instead of Nutrition (maybe cuz of EST : English for Science and Technology, get it? No? nvmind.)

When i say UCSI, most of them were like "what's that?" haha I know my college is not as famous as yours but IT DOES EXIST ok? it really does. haha try google if you don't believe it. i had to put CHERAS behind UCSI so they will know where my college is. How sad, but im used to it.

So next week is my eight week studying there. TWO months baby TWO months. haha i made new friends over there of course, cuz i'm going there alone, without any friend. Okay, my coll is famous among the international students, so there are a lot of international ppl ESPECIALLY from Indonesia, Iran and African. And there are also a lot of local Chinese ppl. So to find Malay ppl, it's quite (okay not quite but really) hard but i can still found some.

First, i met some from the orientation day. Second time, islamic studies class. The first ever malay person at U that i talked to was LIDA.

Yup that's her.

She is "sweet" and a good girl. She's a sensitive person. Yeah SHE'S THE PRINCESS -.- So she is my new victim in terms of bullying haha really. At U, i think she's my gf. cuz whenever i had time, i always hang with her. it feels good you know to have a malay friend there. at least i'm not that lonely and lost. haha thx for being my friend weh! *jarang i puji u kannn haha

ok back to the islamic class. besides Lida, there's also another 2 ppl. One is Rean, the other is Nad. sorry guys, i didn't transfer ur pic from my phone so NO PIC. haha they're very funny and of course they are my good friend now. we hang together everytime after islamic class. And yeah, there's only 4 ppl in islamic class. the smallest class ever, Miss Amy said haha. But now the collection is added. And it's a he. AHMADSHAH issit? but we didn't really friend him hahah

Next, i have a new malay friend and it's a girl! haha i found her at class when i actually spoke to her after 3 weeks maybe? haha she entered 2 weeks late so she registered malaysian studies instead of islamic studies. but she's also taking Foun. in Science only degree in Biotechnology. but still inside the same school. oh ya, her name is IYLIA :D *i'll put her photo below. She's cute and fun to be with. she's also my gf.

Next would be my new bff? haha she's ZI NING. i met her at the orientation day when we had to line up according to our course. she's my partner to all my class cuz i always sit besides her. and she's the one who chose the class group and time. thank god i have her. haha there's one time where we had to sit alone because the class was full -.- and i felt very different and awkward and lonely i had to look at her to see what she's doing HAHA soooo gay i know.

There's more. My lab and assignment group, LILY and MEI QIAN. they're good to me :) thanks for being my friend even though im a malay :D *not to forget our oh-so-everyday-hot-topic BABAK or BOBACK :| errr he's from Tehran or Iran or whatsoever. He's in our lab group. Oh how great is that? Im telling you, he's superduper annoying. I'm not gonna comment it here. meet me and i'll tell you in detail and full version HAHA.

Okay from left to right : Miss Tan (maths lecturer), Iylia, Me, Zining, Lily.

And that's Mei Qian.

This sem im taking 4 subjects. Basic Concept of Maths, Intro to Prob and Stats, General Chemistry I and Islamic Studies of course. Andddd i'd like to say that chem's the hardest subj :/ in high school i thought chem was OK but now it turns to KO. even though we learned it back in college, but haihhhhhh :|

Of course i have an assignment i actually have 2 -.- I (i mean we) had finish our chem assignment but miss said we need to some sort of REdo it back cuz it's not that strong blablabla. huh -.- anddddd I still haven't started a single thing for my Islamic Studies assign, and i have to submit it next month :D wahhhh isn't it good? haha

So, i think this post is more than enough already. I LOVE LONG POSTS haha

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Err Hello?

YA ALLAH lama nya tak update blog!

Mintak maap dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. Aku buat kau mcm kau dah tak wujud wahai blogku. Haihhh memang aku "busy" sekarang dengan hidup U. Tapi still boleh online FB dgn Tumblr en? Boleh lepak tgk wyg lg en? Habis tuu asl time nk on blog je busy? Haihhhh

Aku terpaksa batalkan niat aku utk mem-post orientation day tuuu sebab post tuh dah berzaman "kata-nak-post-tapi-tak-post-jugak" and takde sape nak baca lagi pun. Harap maaf!

Lepas tu, aku hampir nak delete blog nii. Sbb dah tak terupdate dah. tp bila pikir balik, kesian kat blog ni. Dah lama dia ni ade dlm hidup aku. tapi ditinggalkan begitu saje. sbb TUMBLR. YA, kau lah punca aku tak update blog ni! haha

Ok ok mcm ni. Blog aku ni lebih kepada tulisan2 dan karangan. haha manakala tumblr aku tuu lebih kepada gambar dan video. tuu je bezanya. Aku pulak jenis pemalas nak mampo* so keje upload gamba lagi senang dari taip2 nii, click2 je kann. tuu la pasal. tapi tumblr tu pun dah tk on hari2 jugak, so same je.

Akhir kata, saya ingin memohon maaf sekali lagi kerana bersikap PEMALAS sentiasa. Anggap jelah sebelum ni page aku under construction haha -.-