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Ze Owner
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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I finally found the "perfect" time to write~~~

Akhirnya berjaya juga habiskan puasa ganti pada hari Isnin. Sangat berbangga okay? haha korang bila lg? :PPPPP

Whatever. So nothing much happened this week. On Wednesday i went to Cyber with girlfriends.

-played uno cards,
-ate rojak,
-drank longan,
-paid nothing :PPP hahaha
-drove around Cyber,
-"menurunkan" tira's neo fuel level :DD
-went to the park although it was raining,
-ate junk food while walking :)
-found a HUGE playground,
-played happily,
-took pictures
-had fun
-laugh like hell.
-went back home,,,,safely :)

*love yah guys! Oooh n Tikah too :D

Haha. ANDDDDD Thursday was my "sway" day -.- a lot of bad things happened.

-woke up late -.-
-traffic at traffic light Petronas -.-
-traffic at "Puchong-BJ" road -.-
-left my phone at home, charging -.-
-went back home and took it -.-
-*refer to note num 2.
-*refer to note num 3.
-traffic at BJ -.-
-exercise from car to lrt -.-
-"kene ngorat dgn budak skola yg ponteng" buduh
-lrt came when i was buying the ticket *ahh missed! -.-
-wait long enough.
-2 lrt were "Not-In-Service" -.-
-Took the third lrt.
-Wait long enough for the bus
-15 minutes time. Grabbed bread only.
-wait long enough for the lift.
-arrived class right on time.
-went to next class
-did the Q n A with other group.
-ended up laughing cuz we acted like we're asking Q but we're not.
-bought junk food -.-
-next class ~
-Let's learn Korean! :D
-Hop on the bus on 515
-The bus "gerak" at 6pm
-BJ by 615,
-traffic at BJ until 645 -.-
-went to Petronas to buy earphone but found none -.-
-arrived home 715.

Isn't it GREAT?




Had only one class, Chem -.- the class started late. 820? andddd we're supposed to have assignment discussion with ze lecturer. But we already showed her ours few weeks back. Plus we didn't bring the video. Still, we waited and waited and waited and ............................................

Ughhhhh we cant wait anymore or anyless? haha

It was already 915. 930 Prob class. Zining n Lily were goin to that class. So i went to miss and,,,,


Miss, "we're" having class at 930 so we gotta go.
Ohh okay, i actually had seen yours that day right?
So did u make any changes?
Yeahh we did and it is already done.
Then just submit to me on blablabla
Okayy thanks miss :) *fake smile haha

Whatttt? Just like thattt? If we knew that was gonna happened, we should've had went out earlier mannnnnnn -.- it's just a waste of time. I shouldn't even went to the class. just ask for 1 of us to come to the class was already enough. haishhh

Saturday? It's exam day. YEAYYYYYYY -.-

Had Prob n Stats mid-term. 10 Q but still quite challenging. I spotted some mistakes after the exam and i was bad at Theory Q. Kinda hate it a bit. I know i won't get full marks. I don't even want to. hahaha just give me good marks is okay already. hahah *why am i asking for this? -.-

Anddddddddddddddd, Saturday is Heechul oppa's birthday! <3

Saengil chukahamnida, saengil chukahamnida, jigueseo ujueseo, je il sarang hamnida :DDDD

*I like his blonde hair rather than black. I don't know why many ppl don't like it. haihhh.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yeahhhh, July has arrived. Mmm....

1st of July. Thursday

Nothing happened much. Came to college at 730 ( fine 720) but class only started at 1230.


It's all because of the stupid parking. By 8 the car park was already full -.- like always i waited inside the car until 815 cuz that's when the library opened. haih

Our islamic class was cancelled (like what i said to miss "ala miss baru sekali, ade 3 kali lg kann?" haha) :D well she did set up the projector and gave us the notes but suddenly she said "ish malasnye nk blaja harini" haha we're all like "ALHAMDULILLAH" hehehe BUT then we ended up chatting2 until 3 so it didn't make any difference anyway, haha.

Then i went to Korean Club meeting. YES i'm interested in Korea, so what? :DD ANDDDDDD *drum rolls i met number 1 and number 2! HAHAHA i think both of them saw me staring at them hahaha -.-

2nd. Fri.

Had class at 8 -.- the 2nd class ended at 1030++ after class, i went to Film & Arts class i guess (yeahh curik2 masuk dlm class tu -.-) and watched a movie *forgot the title gosh the movie was soooooo 18SX okay, i guess the boys enjoyed it since there were so many se* part plus the stupid slu* was naked HAISH.

3rd, Sat.



Had Maths midterm. guess what. It sucke*. Seriously. Out of 7 questions, only 2 were Matrices' Q. And one of them *question 5 made me crazy. It took me an hour for that Q. Not only to me, but to most of other students too. And the other 5 were Vectors' Q. And i'm proudly to say, i didn't do Q7 which carried 7 8 9 marks? HAHAHA

Vectors made me stupid. -.-

λ„ˆ λ•Œλ¬Έμ—, yes, because of you, i drove home like a drunk ppl. And that caused a decreasing amount of fuel.

Look at thattttt. Yesterday i topop the fuel from 1/2 to PERFECT 1/1. But now ....................
And as i arrived home, the meter went to the line between 1/1 and 1/2 ! WOI! :/

Dad "tadi ade pegi jalan ke?"

Me " Nooooo. terus balik ah."


Upcoming events, i will be sick. hahaha itu disebabkan oleh laksa yang mama masak dah dikategorikan sebagai BASI... and i just ate it :| buduh.