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Thursday, March 31, 2011


유키스 (U-KISS) - 0330 MV

"Their new title song, “0330“, stands for 3:30 AM – a time of restlessness for those who have yet to fall asleep. It tells the story of a man who is unable to sleep after breaking up with his girlfriend. His grieving heart is expressed soulfully through the song’s soft lyrics and melody."

#The synopsis above is taken from Allkpop LOL.

This song is brand new, with 2 brand new members :) *although i still miss those 2 ex-members :/

So yeah, try and watch it, cuz it's super cute! Especially MY DONGHO XD *The cutest one, the one with the girl~

*By the way, i'm just gonna tell u that i'll SPAM a lot of Korean-pop thinggy here, so hope u can bear with it :P

One more,

Since i feel lazy to delete my older older posts, i'm just gonna let it be here. But u can see how weird and stupid my posts are and SERIOUSLY, i'm advising u not to read it XD

*teaser photo for the next post :3

#Just a sneak peak so that u'll know what im gonna write next^^

Oh by the way,

How's my picture below looks like? Is it "kerek"? Or perhaps look like a monkey? Haha sorry i'll change it after i find a better picture XD


Guess what, Syira's back! :) Decided to continue using this blog WITH the same address :P

Yea yea i know, it's been past 2 months since i last wrote about the "i'll be back" thinggy. Just couldn't find the right time to write (in short, im LAZY).


(*Awkward) So how's everyone? Hope you're doing good cuz i am :)

This blog has no specific category(???), meaning i'll just post randomly, whatever that happens to me, what i feel and whatever i want. And i will try not to post only pictures (f.e. Tumblr, cuz it's mostly about pictures and reblogging. If i wanted to, i'll post from there) and i'll try my best not to make a LONG post because i don't want u guys to run away after reading the posts LOL.

So yeah, gonna post something real SOON so just wait (again) !