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Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm done with FINALS! :)

I'm so happy. But, holidays on fasting month? GREAT. What to do....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fooling around,


Yeahhh, actually my FINAL exams started this week, LOL. In fact, yesterday(?) was my first paper, which was Islamic Studies. I sorta like, memorizing for the essay part (which is about the Contribution of Umar), and i forgotten about other chapter (Like Method of Da'wah, etc.) UGHH.

BUT, i managed to put all 14 points for the essay as it carries 20 marks :O This reminds me of SPM's history paper. Haha but there are few points that i don't really like, explain clearly. GOD, please help me to score this paper :)

Next exams :

Monday, 9th = Introduction to Probability and Statistics. 2.30pm

Wednesday, 11th = Basic Concept of Mathematics. 10.00am

Friday, 13th = General Chemistry. 10.00am

Then, HOLIDAY for 2 weeks :DDD Yeahhhh, but by that time, we already started fasting :/ nvmind then.

Okay that's all i guess, see ya soon :)

*I hate Chemistry, especially the l_c_u_e_. Sorry

Damn you.


Yeah so on Wed, I went to Giant "tercinta". I had my brunch at the food court. Then went inside Giant to shopping some stuff which i had to pay RM53.95 (or something like that) haha usually around Rm30++ only. Whatever, I had my haircut after that. You know, there were some mistakes here. I told the guy that i want my hair to be cut like this :

cuz i still can tie my hair, well literally. But then, this was the result,,,,,

WHATTHE? haha that was wayyyyyy short okayyyyy. It was sort of like, back to my old days. You know, my Form 3 style. Right? haha

*See the differences between these 2 photos, -.-

Anyway, i sort of like, MISS my hair. But sometimes, i said to myself "hey this isn't that bad, you know" Yeah so i'm sorta like okay with it.

I took this picture right before I went to Giant :) Byebye, hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I finally found the "perfect" time to write~~~

Akhirnya berjaya juga habiskan puasa ganti pada hari Isnin. Sangat berbangga okay? haha korang bila lg? :PPPPP

Whatever. So nothing much happened this week. On Wednesday i went to Cyber with girlfriends.

-played uno cards,
-ate rojak,
-drank longan,
-paid nothing :PPP hahaha
-drove around Cyber,
-"menurunkan" tira's neo fuel level :DD
-went to the park although it was raining,
-ate junk food while walking :)
-found a HUGE playground,
-played happily,
-took pictures
-had fun
-laugh like hell.
-went back home,,,,safely :)

*love yah guys! Oooh n Tikah too :D

Haha. ANDDDDD Thursday was my "sway" day -.- a lot of bad things happened.

-woke up late -.-
-traffic at traffic light Petronas -.-
-traffic at "Puchong-BJ" road -.-
-left my phone at home, charging -.-
-went back home and took it -.-
-*refer to note num 2.
-*refer to note num 3.
-traffic at BJ -.-
-exercise from car to lrt -.-
-"kene ngorat dgn budak skola yg ponteng" buduh
-lrt came when i was buying the ticket *ahh missed! -.-
-wait long enough.
-2 lrt were "Not-In-Service" -.-
-Took the third lrt.
-Wait long enough for the bus
-15 minutes time. Grabbed bread only.
-wait long enough for the lift.
-arrived class right on time.
-went to next class
-did the Q n A with other group.
-ended up laughing cuz we acted like we're asking Q but we're not.
-bought junk food -.-
-next class ~
-Let's learn Korean! :D
-Hop on the bus on 515
-The bus "gerak" at 6pm
-BJ by 615,
-traffic at BJ until 645 -.-
-went to Petronas to buy earphone but found none -.-
-arrived home 715.

Isn't it GREAT?




Had only one class, Chem -.- the class started late. 820? andddd we're supposed to have assignment discussion with ze lecturer. But we already showed her ours few weeks back. Plus we didn't bring the video. Still, we waited and waited and waited and ............................................

Ughhhhh we cant wait anymore or anyless? haha

It was already 915. 930 Prob class. Zining n Lily were goin to that class. So i went to miss and,,,,


Miss, "we're" having class at 930 so we gotta go.
Ohh okay, i actually had seen yours that day right?
So did u make any changes?
Yeahh we did and it is already done.
Then just submit to me on blablabla
Okayy thanks miss :) *fake smile haha

Whatttt? Just like thattt? If we knew that was gonna happened, we should've had went out earlier mannnnnnn -.- it's just a waste of time. I shouldn't even went to the class. just ask for 1 of us to come to the class was already enough. haishhh

Saturday? It's exam day. YEAYYYYYYY -.-

Had Prob n Stats mid-term. 10 Q but still quite challenging. I spotted some mistakes after the exam and i was bad at Theory Q. Kinda hate it a bit. I know i won't get full marks. I don't even want to. hahaha just give me good marks is okay already. hahah *why am i asking for this? -.-

Anddddddddddddddd, Saturday is Heechul oppa's birthday! <3

Saengil chukahamnida, saengil chukahamnida, jigueseo ujueseo, je il sarang hamnida :DDDD

*I like his blonde hair rather than black. I don't know why many ppl don't like it. haihhh.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yeahhhh, July has arrived. Mmm....

1st of July. Thursday

Nothing happened much. Came to college at 730 ( fine 720) but class only started at 1230.


It's all because of the stupid parking. By 8 the car park was already full -.- like always i waited inside the car until 815 cuz that's when the library opened. haih

Our islamic class was cancelled (like what i said to miss "ala miss baru sekali, ade 3 kali lg kann?" haha) :D well she did set up the projector and gave us the notes but suddenly she said "ish malasnye nk blaja harini" haha we're all like "ALHAMDULILLAH" hehehe BUT then we ended up chatting2 until 3 so it didn't make any difference anyway, haha.

Then i went to Korean Club meeting. YES i'm interested in Korea, so what? :DD ANDDDDDD *drum rolls i met number 1 and number 2! HAHAHA i think both of them saw me staring at them hahaha -.-

2nd. Fri.

Had class at 8 -.- the 2nd class ended at 1030++ after class, i went to Film & Arts class i guess (yeahh curik2 masuk dlm class tu -.-) and watched a movie *forgot the title gosh the movie was soooooo 18SX okay, i guess the boys enjoyed it since there were so many se* part plus the stupid slu* was naked HAISH.

3rd, Sat.



Had Maths midterm. guess what. It sucke*. Seriously. Out of 7 questions, only 2 were Matrices' Q. And one of them *question 5 made me crazy. It took me an hour for that Q. Not only to me, but to most of other students too. And the other 5 were Vectors' Q. And i'm proudly to say, i didn't do Q7 which carried 7 8 9 marks? HAHAHA

Vectors made me stupid. -.-

λ„ˆ λ•Œλ¬Έμ—, yes, because of you, i drove home like a drunk ppl. And that caused a decreasing amount of fuel.

Look at thattttt. Yesterday i topop the fuel from 1/2 to PERFECT 1/1. But now ....................
And as i arrived home, the meter went to the line between 1/1 and 1/2 ! WOI! :/

Dad "tadi ade pegi jalan ke?"

Me " Nooooo. terus balik ah."


Upcoming events, i will be sick. hahaha itu disebabkan oleh laksa yang mama masak dah dikategorikan sebagai BASI... and i just ate it :| buduh.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Thanks IYLIA for telling me. If not, i don't know what happened to you.

This is my advice, take a good rest, and make sure you take all the medicine too okay? I will be waiting for youuuuu. Hopefully you'll recover soon :)

I can become crazy without you having around me babe. SO pleaseeee :/

*Ughhh u know whattt? My mom wants me to see the doctor and take an injection cuz she scares that i might having an infection from her. WHAT? Nooo nooo motherrrr i'm always a healthy person okay hehehe :P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coll Coll

Its COLLEGE story time! hahaha i know i owe my blog a lot of post, so i'm gonna do it now while i'm still in a "typing" mood HAHA.

Ok ok first, imma college student now. YEAH. And for those who still doesn't know, im studying at UCSI Cheras and im taking Foundation in Science, degree in Food Science and Nutrition *sometimes i say Technology instead of Nutrition (maybe cuz of EST : English for Science and Technology, get it? No? nvmind.)

When i say UCSI, most of them were like "what's that?" haha I know my college is not as famous as yours but IT DOES EXIST ok? it really does. haha try google if you don't believe it. i had to put CHERAS behind UCSI so they will know where my college is. How sad, but im used to it.

So next week is my eight week studying there. TWO months baby TWO months. haha i made new friends over there of course, cuz i'm going there alone, without any friend. Okay, my coll is famous among the international students, so there are a lot of international ppl ESPECIALLY from Indonesia, Iran and African. And there are also a lot of local Chinese ppl. So to find Malay ppl, it's quite (okay not quite but really) hard but i can still found some.

First, i met some from the orientation day. Second time, islamic studies class. The first ever malay person at U that i talked to was LIDA.

Yup that's her.

She is "sweet" and a good girl. She's a sensitive person. Yeah SHE'S THE PRINCESS -.- So she is my new victim in terms of bullying haha really. At U, i think she's my gf. cuz whenever i had time, i always hang with her. it feels good you know to have a malay friend there. at least i'm not that lonely and lost. haha thx for being my friend weh! *jarang i puji u kannn haha

ok back to the islamic class. besides Lida, there's also another 2 ppl. One is Rean, the other is Nad. sorry guys, i didn't transfer ur pic from my phone so NO PIC. haha they're very funny and of course they are my good friend now. we hang together everytime after islamic class. And yeah, there's only 4 ppl in islamic class. the smallest class ever, Miss Amy said haha. But now the collection is added. And it's a he. AHMADSHAH issit? but we didn't really friend him hahah

Next, i have a new malay friend and it's a girl! haha i found her at class when i actually spoke to her after 3 weeks maybe? haha she entered 2 weeks late so she registered malaysian studies instead of islamic studies. but she's also taking Foun. in Science only degree in Biotechnology. but still inside the same school. oh ya, her name is IYLIA :D *i'll put her photo below. She's cute and fun to be with. she's also my gf.

Next would be my new bff? haha she's ZI NING. i met her at the orientation day when we had to line up according to our course. she's my partner to all my class cuz i always sit besides her. and she's the one who chose the class group and time. thank god i have her. haha there's one time where we had to sit alone because the class was full -.- and i felt very different and awkward and lonely i had to look at her to see what she's doing HAHA soooo gay i know.

There's more. My lab and assignment group, LILY and MEI QIAN. they're good to me :) thanks for being my friend even though im a malay :D *not to forget our oh-so-everyday-hot-topic BABAK or BOBACK :| errr he's from Tehran or Iran or whatsoever. He's in our lab group. Oh how great is that? Im telling you, he's superduper annoying. I'm not gonna comment it here. meet me and i'll tell you in detail and full version HAHA.

Okay from left to right : Miss Tan (maths lecturer), Iylia, Me, Zining, Lily.

And that's Mei Qian.

This sem im taking 4 subjects. Basic Concept of Maths, Intro to Prob and Stats, General Chemistry I and Islamic Studies of course. Andddd i'd like to say that chem's the hardest subj :/ in high school i thought chem was OK but now it turns to KO. even though we learned it back in college, but haihhhhhh :|

Of course i have an assignment i actually have 2 -.- I (i mean we) had finish our chem assignment but miss said we need to some sort of REdo it back cuz it's not that strong blablabla. huh -.- anddddd I still haven't started a single thing for my Islamic Studies assign, and i have to submit it next month :D wahhhh isn't it good? haha

So, i think this post is more than enough already. I LOVE LONG POSTS haha

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Err Hello?

YA ALLAH lama nya tak update blog!

Mintak maap dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. Aku buat kau mcm kau dah tak wujud wahai blogku. Haihhh memang aku "busy" sekarang dengan hidup U. Tapi still boleh online FB dgn Tumblr en? Boleh lepak tgk wyg lg en? Habis tuu asl time nk on blog je busy? Haihhhh

Aku terpaksa batalkan niat aku utk mem-post orientation day tuuu sebab post tuh dah berzaman "kata-nak-post-tapi-tak-post-jugak" and takde sape nak baca lagi pun. Harap maaf!

Lepas tu, aku hampir nak delete blog nii. Sbb dah tak terupdate dah. tp bila pikir balik, kesian kat blog ni. Dah lama dia ni ade dlm hidup aku. tapi ditinggalkan begitu saje. sbb TUMBLR. YA, kau lah punca aku tak update blog ni! haha

Ok ok mcm ni. Blog aku ni lebih kepada tulisan2 dan karangan. haha manakala tumblr aku tuu lebih kepada gambar dan video. tuu je bezanya. Aku pulak jenis pemalas nak mampo* so keje upload gamba lagi senang dari taip2 nii, click2 je kann. tuu la pasal. tapi tumblr tu pun dah tk on hari2 jugak, so same je.

Akhir kata, saya ingin memohon maaf sekali lagi kerana bersikap PEMALAS sentiasa. Anggap jelah sebelum ni page aku under construction haha -.-

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Weiii mintak maaf lah tapi skarang ni gua MALAS GILA lah nak update blog oh. dah ah skang tido awal -.-

Plus :

takde mood,
ambik masa yg agak lama,
dan banyak lagi.

Tumblr pun takde ape sgt, gamba je lebih doh.

* Yeay blog aku dah bosan gila sekarang -.-

Monday, May 3, 2010


Whassup guys. Sorry i was TOO lazy to post anything these few days. So i'll just skip them. Okay, so tomorrow i will officially start my classes at UCSI Uni. I'm taking Foundation in Science :)

8 am - 9.30 am ~ Introduction to Probability and Statistics

3.30 pm - 5 pm ~ Basic Concept of Mathematics

Yeay so tomorrow i will learn Maths :D Can't waitttttttttt, hehe. BUT, my dad wants me to stay there between those two class. Whattt? 6 hours sitting there? -____-" Ohh come on. Anyway, i have to get up early so i need to sleep early tooo, ughhhh...

See you soon :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey guys,

Be patient okay, i'm still working on my post.

Coming up soon : Orientation Day :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


is A BIG day.

I'm starting my COLLEGE life :)

Of course, it all started with Orientation Day.

Gahhhh gotta sleep right now but i cant, haishhh.

Tu la kau, selalu tido kul 3 4 pagi, begini la jadinya :/

Btw, i'm preparing all my stuff for tomorrow :D And i decided to "melenggang" so does that requires a lot of preparation? :PP kekeke~

Wondering what would happen tomorrow :O

Excited + "Scared" + Happy + Sad = NO MORE LEPAK! :(

*For those who didn't know, i'm going to UCSI University which means University College Sedaya International KOT, hahaha alahh dulu nama dia Kolej Sedaya. It is in Cheras. And i'm taking Foundation in Science, i know, terkejut kan? :)

Betul lah,

Kan betul apa yg aku cakap kat post sebelum ni, aku post something kat Blog ni dulu, then baru Tumblr. aku okay. Laju je post tuh nk upload, ish.

MASIN betul mulut aku ni, :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Apahal Tumblr. aku tk boleh nk post apa2?

Nk post Photo tk boleh, Text tk boleh, Video pun tk boleh, kau dah kenapa? Baru je buat account, tp kau dh pandai nk buat hal dgn aku. Penat aku nk refresh page lah, bukak new tab lah. Menyusahkan je kau ni. DELETE account kang baru tau! Pffffttt.

*Ntah2 dia nk suruh aku post something kat Blogsopt ni dulu kot, baru boleh post kat sana.
HAHAHAH -______-"

Terasa bengang seketika :P

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ada lagi,

Sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa aku telah membuat akaun TUMBLR.


*terasa ketinggalan maka terhasil lah account ini.

To Blogspot,

I'm sorry. Didn't mean to break your heart, I still love you. I just wanted you to make friends with Tumblr. Don't get into a fight :P Whatever happens, I'll post yours first, then Tumblr, ok?

HAHAHA i look like an idiot mannnnnn -__-"


Wednesday, 21st April 2010.
Mid Valley Megamall.
Tira, Miza, Dirah, Syida, Tikah :)
Shopping :) *except me n Miza :P

Nota : Sorry again guys, ni mmg tabiat aku suka post lambat2. hahaha

Ok, jadi pada hari Rabu, kami pun gerak lah ke Mid. Rombongan 2 kete sebab 6 org yg pegi. Maka 1 kete BK4, 1 lagi geng BK5. Buat konvoi Getz sbb kete sama. hahaha sampai2 sana pegi lah Auntie Anne's dlu. mmg rutin ni smpai2 je pegi kedai tuh. then mula la penggembaraan ktaorang. Pegi lah ke satu kedai ke satu kedai yg lain.

1st kedai : romp
2nd kedai : cotton on
3rd kedai : nichi

*3 kedai ini duduk bersebelahan dan kitorang pun duduk kat sana 1 jam -.-

Then jln2 lagiiii, sambil tuh snap2 picture :)

So 1 hour equal to few shops not a floor, so my legs are a bit tired that time, haishh.

* heyy, ignore the height :P dira pkai heels, miza pkai kasut, and i'm wearing only flip flops okayyy, so tak aci ah. hahaha

Kitorang jln tingkat bawah dlu. Then naik tingkat 1, sepatutnye naik tingkat atas skali sbb nk mkn, but then ade yg nk turun bawah blik, so g jelaaaa -.- then dr bawah naik atas skali. perghhhh kaki aku ni bukan kaki atlet, soooooo mmg penat ah cita dia. Then g mkn kt Sushi King :)

Lepas tuh kami ke Food Court berjumpa Tira n Syida, dorg mkn kt sana dgn Heri. then smbil tggu Heri hbis mkn, ambik gamba lg :P

Lpas tuh, sambung ahh berjalan2. Kitorang gerak ke Gardens pulak. And ambik gamba lgi :P

Tandas di Garden sangat superb! :) HAHA lepas tuh mula la plan nk balik dh since semua yg shopping tuh *Syida Dira Tira dh beli apa yg patut, so balik ahhhh :DD Even Tikah pun beli buku kat Borders, so kira shopping gak en? Aku ngan Miza jelah yg cuci mata, merana weh tgh barang2, grrrrrr HAHAHA maka berakhir lah perjalanan ini. Semua balik ke rumah masing2. hahahahaah.

And last picture,

Muka aku tk berminyak, camera yg flash okay, hahaha

p/s : maaf banyak gamba, sb aku tk buat apa pun. jln je. mereka yg beli belah :D terima kasih kerana menonton :P Iloveyouguys :DDD


Finally i feel like wanna write something. HAHA okay okay, first, i want to write about Last Monday, 19 April.

Venue : Sunway Pyramid
Purpose : Watch Kick Ass
With : Athirah Zuber

Yes, I was on a date with her :) We arrived before 11 bcuz the movie started at 11.30. *Act we wanna bought couple seat, but nahhhhh it's okay. After we bought it, we went to see Amiza and Ibu since they were there too. Their movie start at 12.10 i think, but they got there earlier than us -.- pfffttt. Anyway, we ate some Auntie Anne's pretzel while waiting for the movie to start. And pictures too :)

Then went up to the cinema. Tira bought some fries from Island Potato in front of the cinema. We planned to brought that inside. But unfortunately, we can't took that inside, what a pffffttttt -.- and the movie's gonna start in any minute. We had no choice but to eat it outside. So we did it. It was still hot okay, and we're like some crazy people who ate so damn fast. Hahah. Thank god the movie just started. Afte 2 hrs, we went to our next pit stop, Carl's Jr.

Then, time to go home! yeahhh we went back quite early around 2 something rite? But before that, it's picture time again :)

After we arrived BK, we don't know what to do. So we went to Jusco Equine along with Aida :) Oh my, we were so crazy that time, laughing real hard mannnn while walking around. And and there's one thing here, we went upstairs by escalator cuz we thought there's another floor with some shops. BUT, it turned out to be the car park area! HAHAHA So we went back down with our "thick face" HAHA -__________-"

Great times with Tira and Aida :) I love you guys.

Around 6, mom wanted to go to Sunway cuz my bro wanna buy something, so i went to the Sunway, AGAIN -.-

~ I met my ex-school teacher AGAIN after i saw her when i was at Carl's Jr. I met her near that place too, wonder what she was doing for hours there, alone.

~ I met my YAYA, but she was with Hqm, thank god mama didn't see her, or else, ?

~ My brother didn't get his chance to buy his stuff cuz there was some prob, so my mom and i bought something instead. like mama said "tu lah, rezeki orang lain" haha

~ We planned to get back home and hoping my dad's already home, unfortunately, we arrived 5 mins early than him, so mom was like, wore back her tudung and pretend like we're going out, -.- haha

~ I went there with the same outfit, too lazy to change it :P

~ What else? Ohhhh, and mom just knew that there was a new car park inside Pyramid -.-

That's it. Wait for my next post. It took me one whole week for this post, WHAT? hahahaha sorry babe :)

*Sorry for the broken english :P

Thursday, April 22, 2010



I just don't feel like blogging. I'll do when i'm not lazy, thanks for being patient.

Friday, April 16, 2010


As you can see, i have deleted my post. I mean my last post. About hair cut right?


Reason : None.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yelah yelah.

Fuyoh, lama nya tak update. HAHA anyway, i wanted to write about my day to Pyramid LAST WEDNESDAY! hahaha. sebab tak tulis minggu lepas : penat, ngantok, malas, lupe, takde mood, ape lagi kau nak?

So i went with my partners, Tira and Miza. Yang lain ade hal. Tujuan : ICE SKATING. Ya Allah, dah berapa lama tak pegiiiiii? dlm sebulan ade kot -.- anyway, smpai pukul 10 ++ and pegi pusing2 dulu. *bak kata ade orang tuh "asl kau suka dtg time time budak skola ehh?" (meaning : budak2 skolah kan selalunya dtg awl klau kluar, so kitaorang dianggap budak skolah la -.-) and around 11 masuk lah ice rink tuh. meninggalkan Tira sorang2 di luar :O nasib baik minah tuh selamat. sebab2 tira tak skate : dia TAK SUKA SKATE! haha lgpun dia ada class. Maklumlah org dh ber-college. aku masih lagi menanam anggur di Farmville. hahaha blabla. NEXT!

Wanna know smthing, there's one man who works there, always kacau us, apehal kau? AHAH he always did the brake thingy and then the ice would go all over my jeans. seriously, pahal kau ni? takde keje ke? in fact, not just us, but he also kacau other peoplessssss. but kitorang paling kene kacau ah. btw, we called him "MJ or Michael Jackson" cuz his voice is like him a bit. halus gituh. hehe

Oh ya, mase kitorang lepak jap. there's this one man came to us. then we borak2 blabla. he was there when Miza n I kene kacau but he didn't help us at all -.- anddd, we took a picture with him.

That's him. He's Ayieeeee :)

Anyway, he's kind. He teached us how to brake, do the cross legs blabla. sorry Miza if i was like not interested that time, it's just that i can't do those brake and all. I tried but it didn't seem to work on me. HAHA

Then, at 1 pm++, the boys came, FINALLY. Those boys were Fizi Ooi and his fellars. About 7 people total. Then Syed came too, and Myraa. We keep on playing until almost 4 cuz i'm tired and hungry and my feet is quite hurt. Whatever.

Tuh Fizi. Dia gemok kan? HAHAHAHAHA tough konon :PP

Next stop, Sushi King. That was my first time ever to Sushi King. LOL. So i didn't know there were more than just sushi. i was attracted to the sushi belt, that was why i ate so slowwwwww. i had the dory fish with black pepper sauce and rice and miso soup and egg caramel i guess. Gosh, the egg thinggy really tasted like BLUEKKKK! Yucks man! haha There's also Crab meat in there, so i tried to eat one. and it also tastes bad. I'll never ever eat those egg again.

it's on the bottom left, even the smell was like -.-
*and yes, aku kuat makan, licin kan? HAHAH

After that, we went to some shops and bought some things. Around 5.30 kot, we went home. But before that,

Picture time! haha

I had fun. Thanks to Amiza for the ride :) And sorry for the late post. At least i did write something right? Bye.