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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fooling around,


Yeahhh, actually my FINAL exams started this week, LOL. In fact, yesterday(?) was my first paper, which was Islamic Studies. I sorta like, memorizing for the essay part (which is about the Contribution of Umar), and i forgotten about other chapter (Like Method of Da'wah, etc.) UGHH.

BUT, i managed to put all 14 points for the essay as it carries 20 marks :O This reminds me of SPM's history paper. Haha but there are few points that i don't really like, explain clearly. GOD, please help me to score this paper :)

Next exams :

Monday, 9th = Introduction to Probability and Statistics. 2.30pm

Wednesday, 11th = Basic Concept of Mathematics. 10.00am

Friday, 13th = General Chemistry. 10.00am

Then, HOLIDAY for 2 weeks :DDD Yeahhhh, but by that time, we already started fasting :/ nvmind then.

Okay that's all i guess, see ya soon :)

*I hate Chemistry, especially the l_c_u_e_. Sorry

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