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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 13 - Favorite Infinite performance

*again, this is a post-schedule post*

This time, I'm gonna post their performance other than their songs as I've posted a lot of the performance of their songs in my previous posts already and I hate to write the same thing again XD

I have a lot actually! :P Okay first one,
Bangkok City - by the 3 maknaes XDD epic!!!!! go watchhhhhhh!

BTD Trot version!!! I even made this as my caller ringtone XD

another one ><
Sungyeol sings too in this video! How cute they are!

If you're saying that they are gay and whatsoever, it means you are the one that's  gay!!!!!! Muahaha

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 12 - Favorite Infinite photoshoot

*This is a post-schedule post*

I've seen a lot of their photoshoot pictures, and I like almost all of them! heheh But, what attract me the most is this Marie Claire magazine photoshoot! Everyone look hot and handsome! ><


Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!

Yes people! Raya has come!!! woohoo I'm currently at home and will leave to the south after the raya prayers :3 A lot of people already at their hometown and looks like they're havin fun! Well to me, being at home is the best! ahaha I'll maybe have fun for some time and then I'll be bored and most of my cousins are younger than me so yeah ~_~

This year my baju kurung is in green (again, plus a lil bit of other colours) and purple. My family never had a colour theme for raya. We will just wear what colour we want hoho

So yeah, I'd like to ask for some forgiveness if I had done anything to you guys. Take care of yourself! Stay healthy and have fun with your raya and holidays ><

*Currently doing my henna / inai on my finger nails^^

Day 11 - Favorite episode of Days of Infinite

Days of Infinite has 13 episodes where each episodes only has less than 15 minutes -.-

One of my fav part of this episode! skip to 5:50 and enjoy the rest hehehehe 

Other videos can be found in Youtube. I'm so lazy to put more (and there might be no one visiting my page anyways -.-)

Day 10 - Favorite episode of You Are My Oppa

Forgive me again! I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was busy doing Hari Raya preparations ~_~

So, my fav episode in YAMO (short form for You Are My Oppa) is of course episode 4! Especially the part where they remake "She's Back" MV hahaha with Jiae and her "wedding" dress (blame the oppas!) -.-, and the oppas in tuxedos, and all of them were at the beach!!!! mygawd


Actually I wanted to pick the last episode but it was too sad to be my favourite episode hahaha so I changed :P

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 9 - Infinite choreography that you memorized or want to learn

Choreography? Haha usually I'll memorize the chorus part first. Until now, I've learned the hand movement for the chorus part of Come Back Again, She's Back, BTDNothing's Over and Amazing. And also some other parts of the songs.

As for this song, I've memorized the chorus part. And also the easy ones :P *wait, do they even have easy parts? facepalm*

I would like to learn other parts of the songs and make it full choreographed so that my life would be perfect :3333333

Please, I'm dying to learn that scorpion dance so badly!! I've tried before and it was a total failure ~_~ Couldn't even got up from the floor oh god -.-;;

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 8 - Infinite song that makes you emotional

Of all the ballad and slow songs, I chose this.

Nam Woohyun (solo) - Time

This song can actually make me cry sometimes when I'm not in the mood or when I'm down. What makes me feel more emotional is this video above. Woohyun actually was sick when he sang this song. And if you noticed it he actually did not reach the high notes in this song. Yet, he sang beautifully and he put his feelings onto it. Proud of you :')

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 7 - Infinite song that makes you happy

Ahhhh most of Infinite songs makes me happy! Well, minus the sad ones of course.


In today's post, I'm putting in the songs that I've mentioned before in my previous posts. erghhh -.-

She's Back, Can U Smile, Nothing's Over, Amazing. These are my fav :)

Seriously I feel like I'm repeating the same thing again ~_~

Of course, after you hear this song, you will smile widely cuz this song is really beautiful :)
*I've included videos for the songs that are stated above, except for this song*

P/s : Ouh this post is shorter than the previous one hahhaa

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 6 - Favorite Infinite MV

This is going to be a short post (to me maybe yes) hehehe

Third place goes to : Be Mine MV!

Although I don't really understand the MV and I don't really care about it (but I do understand what the song is about okay), what I care is the boys :3 They look so manly and im in love with their cool hand choreography kkkkkkk and I noticed Sungyeolie's dance mistake in this MV (during chorus) where I found it as cute >.< Also, Sunggyu lip sync-ed Woohyun parts (yes I saw that Gyu!) kkkkkk

Second place : Nothing's Over!

When the video is played, and the first person I saw is that smiling (and choding) Sungyeol, I WENT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (screams) :333 The song is nice, the MV is nice too, love the last part where they look completely like bunch of cute dorks playing around ><

And first place goes to : ............

HAHAHAHA "She's Back(from YAMO)" I know this is not the official MV, but they did a remake with Jiae and I find it damn hilarious! With Sungyeolie as the director (LOL) and their rolling and their jumping plus scary Jiae hahahaha and yes, I prefer this one than their official MV ooppsssss kkkkkk

Day 5 - Favorite Infinite song

I was supposed to write yesterday, but I forgot. I was onlining the whole day OTL and I kept forgetting until today, until now ~_~ Forgive me ppl!

So, favourite Infinite song? That's the question? Ahhhhhhh I love (almost) all of their songs :3 Besides all those promotion, comeback, follow up, debut songs that you already know, imma tell you about the other track inside the album, to which I love listening to everyday :)

Honestly, from their First Invasion EP, I've only heard "Come back Again" and "She's Back" track. And I've listened to half of the track "Wings" and "Entrust." *Ohhhh I'm such a bad Inspirit :(  Promise I'll listen to it soon! Between those two tracks, I prefer "She's Back" :)

Next, inside the Evolution EP, I've listened to all of the tracks except "I Don't Know." *Again, I'm a bad Inspirit :( Of course, "BTD" and "Can U Smile" are my forever favourite :3 "Hysterie" is not that bad either :)

"Voice Of My Heart," I really like this song :) Sungyeol's voice :3

Another EP Inspirit, only consists of 3 tracks which are "Nothing's Over", "Shot", and "Can U Smile (Remake version)" in which two of them are my all-time-favourite :P

Finally, the first ever full album is released, Over The Top! Consists of 10 tracks (11 plus the hidden track), where I put all of the tracks in repeat mode :P

"1/3," They performed this during their comeback recently, and I was surprised at YaDong (the Rappers Got Married couple) who sang instead of rap *yes before this I didn't know that they are also vocalists, face palmed* and fell in love with it!

Next song, "Amazing." They also performed this together with their comeback last month. And again, why is Hoya singing!?!?!?! I was surprised (again) hahaha my fav part is (refer the video above, the middle part) during Dongwoo's rapping where he laughs (yes his laugh is included in this song LOL) and then when he finished both Hoya and him laugh together hahahaha and not to forget the last part where Sungyeol sings :3333

Other songs include "Julia," "Tic Toc," "Time (Woohyun's solo)," and of course, "Be Mine" are always in my mind :)


How can I forgot to post Day 5 OTL

I shall do it together with Day 6 later.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 4 - First Infinite song you heard/MV you watched

Well, as I tell you before in my previous post, I first heard either "Come Back Again" or "She's Back" song during their performances in MuBank. Blame my brain for not remembering it! -.-;; Nevertheless, both of the songs are great!

Come Back Again MV.

This is their debut song, and I would like to say this song is damn catchy! Especially the chorus part! "Dorawa, dorawa" *together with the hand movement*  hahahaha I don't understand myself for not being able to get attached to this song during their promotion time ~_~

She's Back dance practice.

Go ahead and watch the dance practice video. And then let me ask you one question: "Did you find any mistake(s) in their dance?" I would like to say that this is one of my favourite Infinite songs :) I really love the song, and also the dance (especially during their dance break, YaDong FTW!), and most importantly, I love how Sungyeol (the tallest, orange shoe guy) as well as the other members who are smiling throughout this video! <3

Oh yea, regarding the first MV that I watched, it was BTD. And of all the MVs, I have only had BTD MV in my tablet before ~_~ how lame.

That's all for today, I'll post another one tmr. Till then~

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 3 - Current favorite Infinite member and why

WARNING : This post is like a spam hahahaha just skip to the videos and make sure you watch it!

Hehe I'm just too excited to write a post about the 3rd Day so yeah I kinda like waited until 12:00AM just to start writing this :PPP

So, the award goes to ............. *drumrolls*

Infinite main dancer, rapper, and vocal, Lee Howon!!!!!!! Or known as Hoya baby kkkkkkkk yes, he is multi-talented and that is the main reason why he's my number 1 now (and dumped Dongwoo omg). Haha he's neither the oldest, nor the youngest, he's in the middle. Even in his family he's in between his older and his younger brother, what a coincidence. 

His own trademark : "I say HO, you say YA, HO! YA! HO! YA!"

This kid really loves purple (okay I just found out bout that when I was searching the photos hahaha) so I shall give him something that has purple on it as a present >.< He can be dork and cute and hot at the same time <3 I think I found him after I watched their MVs and performances and I realized that he was always at the front (as he's the main dancer). And then all of a sudden his face is somehow stuck in my mind. Until now. oohhhhhhh~

My favourite couple/pair for Hoya? DONGWOO! "RAPPERS GOT MARRIED!" FTW! Yes, I actually saw Hoya after I saw Dongwoo and I didn't know that they were actually a "couple" kkkkkkkkk (pls ppl, they're not GAY okay? They look normal and just fine) I love how they are both the rappers and the main dancers. And I love how Dongwoo and him are always together and when they shared the same hotel room in Singapore. I love it when Hoya calls Dongwoo "hyung" and Dongwoo will either smile or laugh while looking at him :D

More YaDong moments XD Look at them. Ahhhh my OTP. Hoya slapped Dongwoo's butts and Dongwoo smiles widely!!!!! And then when they held hands kkkkkkkkk they seem happy :3 Besides Dongwoo, I like seeing him with Sungjong and Sungyeol as well as other members :)

I should probably stop babbling a lot cuz I know I might not be able to finish it by tomorrow if I continue XD So yeah, let me summarize this. Why is Hoya my favourite? Well, it's because he's multi-talented (dancing, rapping, singing), he's cute, dork, funny, hot, very masculine (LOL), he looks short to me :P, YaDong couple XD, can't do aegyo OTL and many more!

This proves that he can sing. Oh well, ignore those accent. They sound cuter with that accent okay, and ignore Sungyeol too (YES THAT CHODING IN THIS VIDEO XD) At first, I don't know that he's a vocalist so when I heard him singing, I was facepalm-ed (is that even a word?) and I was :O too

So that's all for this post. Feel like I should write more XD Till then~


Yes, that moment when the manliest member of Infinite had to do aegyo (act cute) and he followed Woohyun's failed aegyo hahahaha epic!

Saranghaeyo Lee Howon~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 2 - First favorite Infinite member

This kid.

He's Dongwoo. He is the main rapper in the group. The second oldest in the group. And also the dancer alongside Hoya. I first saw him during the BTD performances as that time his hair was red; 

So when I saw him I was like, oh my god who is this kidddddd I love his hair; and his rappingggggg grrrrr. But then, I love him like that. Just by looking at him. After I watched some of their shows, I realized that he loves to laugh, even at some small random things and I found it really cute :) I watched Sesame Player, and he's always the one who will easily be fooled by the other members. And one more thing, HE'S A BAD ACTOR. He can't act ~_~  oh god.

*Sorry, I can't help myself by putting up this picture :PP*

 I really love his personality. He is a happy-go-lucky person. I rarely see him as a serious person. The leader even said "if he is said to be a leader, he will become a happy, kind and nice leader," or something like that. Haha ouh ouh did I tell you that he resemblances a dinosaur? hahahahaha I know it's funny, but to me, he really reminds me of a dinosaur whenever I look at him hahaha do you wanna see this dinosaur dance?

There you go. He really suits the dinosaur costume!!!! hahaha so yeah, that ends my story of Dongwoo :P ohhh, one last picture;

BAHAHAHA Till then! <33

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1 - How you discovered Infinite

I know Infinite from their performances on KBS Music Bank. I can't remember whether I saw them during their "Come Back Again" song, or their "She's Back" promotion. Nevertheless, I wasn't really paying my attention to them. I was too busy fangirling over Super Junior I guess :P

Early this year, they made their comeback with "Before The Dawn" track. I was really impressed with their performances.

YES, the pie chart above is sooooo true!

I kept singing to their line "Before the dawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, before the dawnnnnnnnnnnnnn" *You have no idea how addictive it was, seriously* and the highlight to this song is their famous Scorpion Dance. Watch the video below!

After that, "Nothing's Over" came :333333 ahhhhh this song is so cute! Still, that doesn't seem to attract me to know more about them (as I "abandoned" them once again during their "Can You Smile" follow-up track promotions) until recently they released their first ever full album (before this it was just mini albums) and dangggggggggggggggggggg! They're on my mind like 24/7 now, alongside Super Junior.

Yes, I have officially become their fan, I am one of the Inspirit now

I've ordered their album and will probably receive it around mid-September(?????). Money should have had fallen from the sky so that I can order it earlier :((

I wanna meet them! Wish that they will come here soon!
Till then, <3

30 Days Of Infinite

Hello people! I noticed that I haven't been blogging for 18 days, kinda long huh? haha oh well, I've been having this sickness since forever and it is called "LAZY". That's the reason why I don't update regularly kkkkkkk

I've started my 3 weeks holiday last Monday and only God knows how happy I am as I get more time watching (a lot of) videos related to K-Pop :3 And I know that I won't be blogging these days (eventhough it's holiday) unless it is something related to K-Pop hahaha

The title speaks itself, so i'm gonna write about 30 Days Of Infinite (starting today). I got these from Reen's Tumblr. To make sure that my blog is still alive, I shall write about it here :3

Day 1 - How you discovered Infinite
Day 2 - First favorite Infinite member
Day 3 - Current favorite Infinite member and why
Day 4 - First Infinite song you heard/MV you watched
Day 5 - Favorite Infinite song
Day 6 - Favorite Infinite MV
Day 7 - Infinite song that makes you happy
Day 8 - Infinite song that makes you emotional
Day 9 - Infinite choreography that you memorized or want to learn
Day 10 - Favorite episode of You Are My Oppa
Day 11 - Favorite episode of Days of Infinite
Day 12 - Favorite Infinite photoshoot
Day 13 - Favorite Infinite performance
Day 14 - Favorite Infinite era
Day 15 - Favorite Infinite quote/interview
Day 16 - Best dancer in Infinite
Day 17 - Best singer in Infinite
Day 18 - Most attractive Infinite member
Day 19 - Funniest Infinite member
Day 20 - Cutest Infinite member
Day 21 - Favorite Infinite pairing
Day 22 - What you like about Sunggyu
Day 23 - What you like about Dongwoo
Day 24 - What you like about Woohyun
Day 25 - What you like about Hoya
Day 26 - What you like about Sungyeol
Day 27 - What you like about Myungsoo
Day 28 - What you like about Sungjong
Day 29 - Favorite Infinite group picture
Day 30 - Why you love Infinite

And no, I'm not talking about that infinity in Mathematics ~_~ Im talking about that Infinite in the picture above <3 Still, they use the same symbol for their group. Infinite consists of seven members and they debuted in 2010. Okay for more info, click here! Remember I'm having a disease right now? So yeah I can't write much :P

I'm excited wooohoooo!!!! I'll start writing bout it on my next post!

Till then! <3

Monday, August 1, 2011


O yeaaaaaaaaa!

Finally after more than a year, Super Junior is going to make a comeback with 5th album! Kyaaaaaaaa :3

And earlier today, the teaser for their track Mr. Simple was released. Fortunately, the members wear appropriate attire so I did not commit sin in fasting month kkkkkkkkkk

I somehow don't really like Heechul's hair, as it brings back the Sorry Sorry time. But he still looks hot anyways kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

#Let's see whether I can concentrate on my studies this week,as I'll probably be spazzing all day bcuz of their comebacks! gahhhhhhh