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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 2 - First favorite Infinite member

This kid.

He's Dongwoo. He is the main rapper in the group. The second oldest in the group. And also the dancer alongside Hoya. I first saw him during the BTD performances as that time his hair was red; 

So when I saw him I was like, oh my god who is this kidddddd I love his hair; and his rappingggggg grrrrr. But then, I love him like that. Just by looking at him. After I watched some of their shows, I realized that he loves to laugh, even at some small random things and I found it really cute :) I watched Sesame Player, and he's always the one who will easily be fooled by the other members. And one more thing, HE'S A BAD ACTOR. He can't act ~_~  oh god.

*Sorry, I can't help myself by putting up this picture :PP*

 I really love his personality. He is a happy-go-lucky person. I rarely see him as a serious person. The leader even said "if he is said to be a leader, he will become a happy, kind and nice leader," or something like that. Haha ouh ouh did I tell you that he resemblances a dinosaur? hahahahaha I know it's funny, but to me, he really reminds me of a dinosaur whenever I look at him hahaha do you wanna see this dinosaur dance?

There you go. He really suits the dinosaur costume!!!! hahaha so yeah, that ends my story of Dongwoo :P ohhh, one last picture;

BAHAHAHA Till then! <33

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