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Ze Owner
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 9 - Infinite choreography that you memorized or want to learn

Choreography? Haha usually I'll memorize the chorus part first. Until now, I've learned the hand movement for the chorus part of Come Back Again, She's Back, BTDNothing's Over and Amazing. And also some other parts of the songs.

As for this song, I've memorized the chorus part. And also the easy ones :P *wait, do they even have easy parts? facepalm*

I would like to learn other parts of the songs and make it full choreographed so that my life would be perfect :3333333

Please, I'm dying to learn that scorpion dance so badly!! I've tried before and it was a total failure ~_~ Couldn't even got up from the floor oh god -.-;;

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