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Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1 - How you discovered Infinite

I know Infinite from their performances on KBS Music Bank. I can't remember whether I saw them during their "Come Back Again" song, or their "She's Back" promotion. Nevertheless, I wasn't really paying my attention to them. I was too busy fangirling over Super Junior I guess :P

Early this year, they made their comeback with "Before The Dawn" track. I was really impressed with their performances.

YES, the pie chart above is sooooo true!

I kept singing to their line "Before the dawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, before the dawnnnnnnnnnnnnn" *You have no idea how addictive it was, seriously* and the highlight to this song is their famous Scorpion Dance. Watch the video below!

After that, "Nothing's Over" came :333333 ahhhhh this song is so cute! Still, that doesn't seem to attract me to know more about them (as I "abandoned" them once again during their "Can You Smile" follow-up track promotions) until recently they released their first ever full album (before this it was just mini albums) and dangggggggggggggggggggg! They're on my mind like 24/7 now, alongside Super Junior.

Yes, I have officially become their fan, I am one of the Inspirit now

I've ordered their album and will probably receive it around mid-September(?????). Money should have had fallen from the sky so that I can order it earlier :((

I wanna meet them! Wish that they will come here soon!
Till then, <3

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