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Ze Owner
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colour Pens

I've been using this magic colour pens since last week and was addicted since then. I love colours! Especially green haha

Yes, my wishes were in green colour :3 Notice that white paper? (OBVIOUSLY) Yeah the one that I wrote "Farewell" on top of it......there's a story about it. hahaha simply because I wrote something else before. I wrote.......... *drum rolls*


HAHAHAHA that was EPIC! I don't know why I wrote that. It was supposed to be a goodbye wishes but I wrote Happy Birthday instead ~_~ Still, Mr. Vee saw it from the back *how embarrassing* OMGGGGGG


Well, at least he said that it was his first birthday wish lalala~

Anyways, today I finally wrote my post on my blog assignment hahaha. Did u guys get what I mean? The thing was that I was supposed to write it since 2 months ago and finally I did it few hours ago XDD At least im not the last one huhuhu~

This picture was taken on last Friday and I can see how FAT I am now. I am not kidding you guys, even my best friend noticed that I gained weight :(

**Hmm maybe the hoodie was huge, and I put my tudung inside it #excuses