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Ze Owner
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need you,

......my computer.

Seriously, this tablet isn't helping at all! Yes, i can update my facebook or blogger but not uploading photos! You can't "Select from file here" or "Upload from drive" blablabla. Seriously, i need my computer so badly!!

Pleaseeeeeee. I want to update my Tumblr (SJ account), FB n Twitter pages/account. Play games with them :)). Watch drama!!!! Youtube!!!! Aish.

The CPU was okay and now the monitor broke, perhaps it was hit by the lightning ~_~ aish

I hate blogging without photos, it looks.......boring~

I shall be back......with my computer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


........well, not really i guess.

I finished my final exam for my 3rd and last semester of Foundation.

So, that was the good news :)

But it will last only for 2 weeks as ill start my degree on May ~_~

And my freaking monitor broke!!!!!!! So i can't online or even watch drama through my comp.


How can this thing happen when im on my holiday? And blogging through this freaking tablet is so not fun at all!!! You can't even upload photos here aishhhhh.

So please, someone........send that monitor to the hospital quick!!!!!!! I need it so badly :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

If i get full marks for my finals,

I can still get an A for my Physics and Calculus. And probably Business too.


Not sure with Biology though........ T____T

But of course, it's kinda impossible (for me) to get full marks.

So i shall study hard for Physics, Calculus and Business, and study smart for Biology^^


*away for finals~




Anyways, i would like to say im sorry about that....... *regarding the post i wrote about what i was supposed to post on my next post ~_~ (i myself didn't understand this either).



So i actually went to a concert on the 19th of March 2011.

It was Super Junior Super Show 3 Concert.

Yeap. Super Junior came to Malaysia. A group from South Korea CAME to Malaysia.

The concert was supposed to be my 2nd and last concert, but somehow after the concert ended i told myself "okay start saving your money for the next concert". Anis agreed on it too. Wait, who's this Anis BTW?

Taadaaaa! This girl is my (new) k-pop partner. This is Anis. We went through the journey from start till end together :) Thanks a lot babe~

The journey here means from the moment we went to queued up to buy the tickets, until when the concert ended. And that's a lot of story to tell.

*Yes, Rock Pitt = STANDING AREA

Whoever sees this picture will say something like "OMG that's expensive!" and "where did u get the money from?!!?!?" and "you're crazy" and "wow" and many more.....

K first of all, the ticket is expensive, i admit it XD Secondly, i start saving my money since last year so yeah....... and thirdly, I AM CRAZY! Crazy over these Super Junior boys, and this is what we call ourselves as FANGIRLS ^^

#I'm proud being a fangirl, full stop.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If u can sing well (especially Korean songs),

You're welcome to be my boyfriend :)

*I want someone like Lee Hyun or K.Will