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Thursday, April 7, 2011




Anyways, i would like to say im sorry about that....... *regarding the post i wrote about what i was supposed to post on my next post ~_~ (i myself didn't understand this either).



So i actually went to a concert on the 19th of March 2011.

It was Super Junior Super Show 3 Concert.

Yeap. Super Junior came to Malaysia. A group from South Korea CAME to Malaysia.

The concert was supposed to be my 2nd and last concert, but somehow after the concert ended i told myself "okay start saving your money for the next concert". Anis agreed on it too. Wait, who's this Anis BTW?

Taadaaaa! This girl is my (new) k-pop partner. This is Anis. We went through the journey from start till end together :) Thanks a lot babe~

The journey here means from the moment we went to queued up to buy the tickets, until when the concert ended. And that's a lot of story to tell.

*Yes, Rock Pitt = STANDING AREA

Whoever sees this picture will say something like "OMG that's expensive!" and "where did u get the money from?!!?!?" and "you're crazy" and "wow" and many more.....

K first of all, the ticket is expensive, i admit it XD Secondly, i start saving my money since last year so yeah....... and thirdly, I AM CRAZY! Crazy over these Super Junior boys, and this is what we call ourselves as FANGIRLS ^^

#I'm proud being a fangirl, full stop.

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