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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 26 - What you like about Sungyeol

Sungyeollie :B

I'm sure many of you would be wondering who is this person in my Twitter's avatar. HAHA yes, it is no other than Sungyeol!!!! Or better known as SungyOWL kkkkkkkkkk by looking at the picture above, seems like he's not a handsome person LOL here may I present to you the hottest tallest guy atm hihihihihi

Much better? LOL Sungyeol is actually the third person between me and Hoya BAHAHAHA yes Sungyeol is really near to Hoya's place. He can steal Hoya's place in my heart anytime XDDD Just so you know, I put his picture as my homescreen and lock screen wallpaper for my tablet, handphone wallpaper, as well as my Twitter avatar. And until now, I don't feel like changing the pictures as I don't feel sick at all looking at his face everyday :3

I really love his character, especially his CHODING-ness XDD Acting like an elementary school kid, did pranks towards the other members, revealing the member's secrets. I really hate the fact that he still doesn't have confidence towards his voice, to me, he sings pretty well! 

It's not that bad after all! Sing more pls okay???

Full of choding-ness! Even wanted to win against those smaller kids. Aigoo~

Last one, my fav :3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 25 - What you like about Hoya

One word : EVERYTHING :3

Compilation of Hoya and his dance and singing and other stuffs :333

Cutie pie loves to hop/ride on ppl's back :B

He loves hip hop songs and evil Woohyun changed it to pororo song -.-

Day 24 - What you like about Woohyun

This guy.......


Or do u mean this kid? HAHAHHA

hmmm what can I say about him. He has the best voice in this group. Despite the group's aggressive dancing steps on stage, he still manages to sing the chorus part beautifully. Nowdays I always listen to his solo track before I go to bed. I love his abs the most XDDDD How I wish "Be Mine" promotion hasn't ended yet cuz I can't get enough of Woohyun's abs looooooool

Seriously Woohyun, you have the best imitation of your own members! This cracks me up all the time mannnnn!

P/s : Yes, because I was busy with open houses and lab report, I decided to post this today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 23 - What you like about Dongwoo

Dongwoo..... Jang DongWoo *imitates Woohyun who imitates him* lols

Ahhhh I think I have written something bout him before right........

So, Dongwoo is famous because of his laugh. And yes, I love his laugh the most. Even if it's not funny, he still laughs -.- There's no single day where he didn't smile and laugh. He has a happy and cheerful personality which I like :)

So is Dongwoo actually a stupid or a genius person? hahahahaa seriously I laughed at this question. He is actually a genius XDDD I think he is one of the sweetest guy <3 Also, he is a caring hyung towards the other members, being the lovely wife to Hoya *giggles*

Day 22 - What you like about Sunggyu

I.........forgot.....to......post.......this.......yesterday......hahahahaha sorry!

Sunggyu? Ahhhhh i've never paid much attention to him when I first know Infinite. But I do remember his face though. As he has a lot of screening time (cuz of his singing parts), until now I am in love with his eyes!!!!! His eyes made me remember his face (but not his name) lol.

When I found out about him as a leader, I went like "really? Is he really the leader....." hahaha yeahhh I thought Woohyun was the leader OTL but then, after I watched their shows, now I know why he is the leader. Why he deserves it.

I mean, look at him! He looks like he's the maknae or something like that. Acting cute and stuffs <3 Okay now back to the topic, he really is a good leader. Same like the other group leaders. Watched Sesame Player and there's one episode where he asks the manager whether he can bring the kids out cuz they were all stressed out of their comebacks. Seeing him taking good care of the other members. How he spend his money for his dongsaengs. Buy them chicken, drinks and all that stuffs. The way he takes care of his younger brothers is priceless. Really.

Here, could you tell me where did his eyes go? HAHAHAHA <3

Is he really the leader? haaha

Bonus, for those who wants sexy Gyu :PP
So yeah, all of us fans wanted to be the mic stand~~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 21 - Favorite Infinite pairing

WARNING : If you don't like guy pairing (or gays if that's what you call it), please do skip this post. I don't want you to hate them and probably hate me too.

HAR HAR HAR HAR so far there are few pairings in this group.

1st - WooGyu (Woohyun n Sunggyu)

2nd - YaDong (Hoya n Dongwoo)

3rd - MyungYeol (Myungsoo/L n Sungyeol)

4th - MyungJong (Myungsoo/L n Sungjong)

and also others.

And my choice is .......................... YADONG! kah kah kah loving this Rappers Got Married forever :B

WooGyu's not bad XD

and MyungYeol too :33333333

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 20 - Cutest Infinite member

Aigooooooo can I relate this post to the post about the attractive members one? Cuz I think all of them are cute in their own ways la....

And again, the winner is Sungjong^^

*squeezes hugs him tightly*

HAHAHHAAH he's so cute when he's mad!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 19 - Funniest Infinite member

Funniest? LOL idk how to answer this question. I think it's a battle between Choding Sungyeol and Fail aegyo Woohyun hahahaha and probably Dino Dongwoo too. But I think Dongwoo is funny because of his all-time-favourite laugh XDDD

This is funny to me thanks to Nam Woohyun!

Choding's favourite dance!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 18 - Most attractive Infinite member

Before this, I've always acknowledged Sungjong as the most prettiest/ attractive member! But then, when I look at the others, I realized that they themselves are not that bad as well! hahahaha I guess they are all attractive in their own way.

Leader Sunggyu has the most attractive "eye smile" ever :3 I can't even see his eye!!!! hahahaha

As for this dinosaur, I like his mouth lol idk why

He looks perfect in any angle.

Can't get enough of Hoya's tongue ><

This choding, I like his ear and the piercing, it turns me on :3

L's :| smile, it suits him. I think that's his favourite smile ~_~

Maknae Sungjong! He has the prettiest skin alongside L. I feel like pinching his cheek whenever he smiles like that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 17 - Best singer in Infinite

When we talk about the best singer, of course it would be the main and lead vocalist!

Nam Woohyun and Kim Sunggyu (oppa ;P), their voices are the best!

Since I've shown videos of their solo songs before, imma post this one instead. Look at how Woohyun sang the chorus. Only him! Not even Sunggyu -.- Ouhh and his high notes too!

That's all for today. Okay bye.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 16 - Best dancer in Infinite

Obviously, it would be (my baby) Hoya! And his (Rappers Got Married) partner Dongwoo~~

One big reason why he is my favourite is because he is a dance machine :3

Back to the days where he went for an audition (yes it was the JYP audition) and damnnnnn it his dance! How can his body became smooth >< My body is stiff like a stick -.-

Good teamwork! I didn't even realize their hand movement (go to 0:23) are like half Hoya's hand and the other half is Dongwoo's. U get it? No? Okay.

And hey, I found this! And it's still hard for me to do it right ><

Not to forget, other members are also good in dance, especially kkap dance XD

Day 15 - Favorite Infinite quote/interview


Erm honestly I don't really know how to reply to this one. Well, I didn't post yesterday because I forgot about it (again), yeap.

Of course, I have found many types of quotes and interviews and I was having a hard time to choose what I like the most ><

Of all the quotes, I really love this one the best;

"Inspirit, I love you"

Bahahahahaha every group will say the same thing to their fans and that's what I like the most XD

As for the interview.......

Hmm I don't really have my favourite interviews yet. But I'm just gonna put videos here. It's now that funny or what, but I love seeing them like that :B

bonus for us cuz it has subs

Am watching this while writing this, eh?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 14 - Favorite Infinite era

*This is another post-schedule post hehehehe*

Okay currently I'm havin a hard time to choose it >< It's between 3 era!

1st, of course the BTD era. I love how Sungjong's hair is blonde, while Dongeoo's red (HOT!) and everyone look serious and it's like more to the bad and dark side cuz they were dressed in black *lol what is this -.-

2nd, Nothing's Over era. I really love this one!! They all dressed in colourful pants! And with their sweet smile! Ahhhh I'm melting...........*teeeet!* They have a cheerful and happy concept so it made me feel happy always!

3rd one, Be Mine era (plus the whole album Over The Top). I don't know how to describe this era! What I know is that everyone becomes more manly. Strong expression.....hmm what else......

What would you guys choose? I really can't choose one. Now I feel like I should add Come Back Again era too lols