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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 18 - Most attractive Infinite member

Before this, I've always acknowledged Sungjong as the most prettiest/ attractive member! But then, when I look at the others, I realized that they themselves are not that bad as well! hahahaha I guess they are all attractive in their own way.

Leader Sunggyu has the most attractive "eye smile" ever :3 I can't even see his eye!!!! hahahaha

As for this dinosaur, I like his mouth lol idk why

He looks perfect in any angle.

Can't get enough of Hoya's tongue ><

This choding, I like his ear and the piercing, it turns me on :3

L's :| smile, it suits him. I think that's his favourite smile ~_~

Maknae Sungjong! He has the prettiest skin alongside L. I feel like pinching his cheek whenever he smiles like that.

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