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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 14 - Favorite Infinite era

*This is another post-schedule post hehehehe*

Okay currently I'm havin a hard time to choose it >< It's between 3 era!

1st, of course the BTD era. I love how Sungjong's hair is blonde, while Dongeoo's red (HOT!) and everyone look serious and it's like more to the bad and dark side cuz they were dressed in black *lol what is this -.-

2nd, Nothing's Over era. I really love this one!! They all dressed in colourful pants! And with their sweet smile! Ahhhh I'm melting...........*teeeet!* They have a cheerful and happy concept so it made me feel happy always!

3rd one, Be Mine era (plus the whole album Over The Top). I don't know how to describe this era! What I know is that everyone becomes more manly. Strong expression.....hmm what else......

What would you guys choose? I really can't choose one. Now I feel like I should add Come Back Again era too lols

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