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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 16 - Best dancer in Infinite

Obviously, it would be (my baby) Hoya! And his (Rappers Got Married) partner Dongwoo~~

One big reason why he is my favourite is because he is a dance machine :3

Back to the days where he went for an audition (yes it was the JYP audition) and damnnnnn it his dance! How can his body became smooth >< My body is stiff like a stick -.-

Good teamwork! I didn't even realize their hand movement (go to 0:23) are like half Hoya's hand and the other half is Dongwoo's. U get it? No? Okay.

And hey, I found this! And it's still hard for me to do it right ><

Not to forget, other members are also good in dance, especially kkap dance XD

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