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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Had my QTI yesterday. It means "pra-ujian". Along with Tira. Miza buat QTI last week, cilak* kau HAHA jk jk. Tira and i were sooooo CUAK okayhhh. grr first of all we did some practice. i failed 2 times at the "bukit" part. gahhh lagi lahh nervousss kann. geram jeee. haihh. Abg Harif gave us number for the test. Tira was fourth and i was fifth.

tira ; me

weh aku cuakk dooo.
aku pun. dah la aku buat dulu drpd kau. klau kau buat dulu takpe gak.
cehhh -________-"

Sorry Tira tp kau kene buat dulu hehe. We decided to do on the road before test, so Tira start first. Then Fera *she's num 6, after me. When Fera just started driving, i got a text from Miza.

miza ; me

qti dah start.
wth? yeke? okok tggu jap. nnt kteorg smpi.

So that means, aku tak dapat practice ontheroad langsung -.- mmg best kan. haih. But Tira n I managed to snap few pics, konon semangat laa nk test. ahaha plus curik Boboi punya shades lagi, ambui Tira :D

So we waited for our turn while waiting for num 1, 2, 3 to came back. Num 1 said that she failed side parking. i was like what? ughh. Then Tira's turn. She failed "bukit" so she did it again, and pass. fuhh thank god abg harif was there. then side parking and 3 point turn. and pass :)

It's my turn. First, bukit. i didn't even look at my tyre cuz abg harif already said "ok good" to me so i just raised my hand and leave. then parking, fuhh 3 steps only :) and last, 3 point turn. my time was a bit late cuz i have problems with the gear -.- and i PASSED! heeeee.

while waiting for on the road, Tira and i had a photo session.


sbb cuak punye pasal, mari kite ambik gamba
jom. penat penat dtg sini nihh. dgn shadesnye lagii.
harap2 kurang la sikit cuak tuh, ahaha

yeah next, on the road. Tira did okay. she got 92 klau tak salah. Me? well i had to drive like a nerd person, haha

Conclusion, i passed with 96/100. heh next is JPJ. 12 March. less than 2 weeks, -.-

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Penat doh.

Today i went to my ex-school, SMKS4BK. haha well ada Sukan Tahunan kali ke ___ HAHA lupe ah kali yg keberapa. I went there with my school friends :DD yeahhh rasee bestttt sioddd first time jadi VIP kat skola sndiri kann. haha but kinda bored sbb dah xdapat lari kat skolah lagiii. I'm sure gonna miss that :(

Oh ya, i think i reached there at 8 am. huh awal kan? haha but i'm here to support KRS and of course, BLUE house yeah! HAHA wooot woot. About 20++ ex-s4 yg datang hari ni and meriahh sungguh :D i don't really sit at the VIP place sbb aku nak jerit jerit bg semangat kat those peoples. kang xpasal2 khemah tuh roboh n n kne halau sbb memekak kat tmpt VIP. haha

yeah, KRS :D

Ohh BLUE, you guys ROCKS :D

Yup, we're at the VIP's, just for a moment. haha

Acara jemputan lelaki, S4 WON :D

We're the EX-S4's! HAHA *ada lagi kott manusia

yeap, BLUE got SECOND, :)

That's RED, our worsttt ENEMY! haha they WON the FIRST PLACE overall. haihh

Yess, the picture explains everything, thanks SYAZA :D

1st pic, budak2 KRS baru je lepas kawad. Dorang buat ok lah wlaupun ade mcm gelabah sikit, but we *i mean them ;) won SECOND place, again this year :D PBSM first. And we did scream near the VIP's tent, HAHA. Congrats guys :))

2nd, kawad rumah BIRU :D i think they're good, our theme this year for Blue is pirates :) Siap ada Davy Jones lagi, haha the one yg sotong tuh laa ehhe :DD

3rd, time ni kat khemah VIP. duduk kejap, then acara start. Takkan nak jerit kat situ kan? so kene lahh blah. haha

4th, time ni acara jemputan laki. ada gak la incident berlaku, but lme lme ok. Mcm biase lahh our school MENANG :D Same goes to the girls, YEAY! haha *btw i met Fatimah Zahra, our ex-S4. haha dia pindah S3 last yearrrr. grr

5th, our group photo, ramai kann? actually ade lagi kott. tapi ade yg lari lahh hilang laa. ahha

6th, the climax : BLUE won the second place and that makes RED in first place. Pfftt. Padahal 5/6 of the Olahragawan & Olahragawati semua BIRU menang, but still xleh kejar, sioddd! haha It's okay, next year make sure menang tau :DD

Finally at 2pm, aku dapat makan -.- dah la xbreakfast, pfftt. makan kat Giant. then almost 4pm, keluar pegi jln2, cik SYAZA drive, smpai ke McD Equine, fuhh.

*Left to right : Syaza, Miza, Me, Yana :D
Yes, she was so excited + bangga sbb dia dpt drive from BK-Equine, so we took some picture. hoho then 5.15 kot lepak taman. 6.30 grak jln2 second round pulak. Orang jeh lain. AND, aku pegi lagi McD Equine -.- and we Drive-Thru again. akak yg keje tuh perasan kott aku. ahah malu jehhh. 7.15 smpai umah, mandi smyg mkn online :D

and now i'm soooooooo tired. suara pun dah rock gila :P dh lh besok ade driving class -.- bye

Monday, February 22, 2010


I was so shocked when i opened my FB account, Chen Shin posted something on my wall :D

OHMY! I pass my english test! YEAHHHH :DD I'm freaking happy right now :) I don't care if the marks are not that good, but I PASSED! that's more important to me. I had a hard time for this exam as i took it right after i finished SPM's. I felt the pressure more than my SPM's cuz my friends were enjoying themselves but i was still stuck in an exam, for one more day! But now i'm glad that i made it :)

Thank You so much for everything :D

The teachers :Miss Lisa, Mr Michael *both of the Michael's, Mr Joseph, Mr Glenn;

My classmates : Meryl, Yian Yian, Yian Yu, Jia Wen, Christine, Zhi Ying and Jia He;

My Friday class classmates : Khai Ling, Amy, Yan Xin, Chloe, and _______ *sorry can't remember :P


Friday, February 19, 2010


Last December, i found my long-lost-contact friend on MySpace. *thx MyS :D The last time i saw him was 6 years ago, when we were Standard 6, duhh -.- HAHA Few days ago kot, i added him on Facebook cuz i'm using it everyday :) and Today, i'm MSN-ing with him, but with his Yahoo's email, hehe

yeah, he's Aqil Faliq Hadri :D

Oh, he asked for Syed's FB, cuz we're all good friends that time :) So this is what Syed wrote on his wall,
HAHA, funny doh, Standard 6 memories :D

*oh ya, he likes saying "otak ko" and "kima*" to me haha sorry no bad words in my blog :P Hope to see ya soon :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, i don't really know what to write this time. heh oh ya, fyi i'm not gonna post whatever i did today, yesterday and blabla, unless i want to. bcuz i think it's kind bored, plus someone "complained" at me and said "buat ape tulis post hari2, takde orang bace pun" ahah siodd jeee dia tuh. but then i replied "elehh dia tuh lg lahh. org baca hari ni, then seminggu lpas tuh baru bukak balik blog dia" HAHA padan muka kauu :P

Btw, my dad FINALLY realized that i'm sick, sedih kan? -.- so he gave me Clarinase and Woods' peppermint cough syrup, so i think i'm getting better KOT hehe :D funny doh, he thought that i was having a fever, apelaaa.

Yeah, currently, i'm kinda busy with driving lessons, QTI is coming soon, and JPJ's on March 12, -.- lama lagii. ughhh last Tues, i went to AMSA Bangi, and i was very very proud bcuz i hit the divider at the 3 point turn's, HAHA i mean, bukan langgar yang mendatangkan calar or kemek or what, but tayar naik atas divider, so the car was like, naik atas bonggol yg tggi, and it was only the left front part, cool huh? HAHAHA :DD luckily Abg Harif wasn't mad at me :) and and Darryl kept complimenting me all day (well, not actually all day HAHA) bcuz i drove better than Tira, AHAH it's okay dear, you'll do better soon :D

Besides that, i'm doing my job as a writer/clerk at home, bcuz i spend almost all my time onlining, HAHA rindu nak lepak dengan TV :( haha plus, i'll be doing "maid's" job when needed, -.- so i spend my time at home, save duittt hehe. GIRLS, bile nak kluar ni? lame xtawaf shpping mall dow hehe. nak tgk wayanggggg, ice skating, bowling, try2 baju n kasut tp tk beli haha, taking picturesssssssss :DD

*Haha, all the pictures were taken in 2007, i repeat, 2007! haha short hair was my favorite that time i think, :) i found these pictures accidentally dohh HAHA.

ouhh, the hair :(

Monday, February 15, 2010


Ughh, i'm totally and officially S I C K right now. Tapi takde lah teruk sgt smpai tak boleh jln or whatsoever, but it's kinda ANNOYING doh. haha currently i'm having a :

running nose, haaachuuummm! ughhh

sore throat, AAARRRGGgghhh! HAHA

and lastly, cough, uhuk uhuk hehe

oh man, i sneezed for 20++ times, buang hingus for 50++ times, went to the kitchen for 30++ times to drink warm water, and been to toilet for few times HAHA.

*coming soon, fever kot. harap2 tak kene CHICKEN POX hahahah :DD

Friday, February 12, 2010

More or less.

more pictures on MSN. this is because i'm bored and lazyy to write my post. ahahah

1, TIRA.
bru start main, tgk score tuh -.-

heh akhirnya aku dpt strike ;p

tira membalas dendam HAHA

huh bangga tira menang skali kan? haha

*this is what we do when we got bored kan? AHHA she's good at uno, and i'm good at bowling, fair lah kan? haha

2, MIZA.

miza control ;p

muahaha miza mawas ;p

candid, huh lawa plak. hehe

*both of them means a lot to me, and so do you, my friends. don't worry, i love you guys equally, nothing more or less, OKAY?

p/s : do talk to me on MSN n i'll put you in my blog :P


Since i'm too busy to write the long2 post from Sat, i'm gonna skip it. haha i already have 3 drafts for that post, oh my. anyway, hari ni i MSN pulak dgn sorg mamat nih, nme dia MEOL. He's a friend that i met on MyS 3 years ago. but we never met face to face yet. well, we'll see each other soon, kan? HAHA btw, he's a funny person. he always make me laugh with his silly jokes :)


here's another one,

haha poyo jee :D

ada sesiapa nk kenal? jumpa saya ambik borang yee, HAHAHA

Thursday, February 11, 2010


here i'd like to show you some of my friends who's crazyyyyyyyyy when msn-ing with them :) i always laugh because of that.


esad :D
*semalam punya semalam


tira dodol ;p

and this picture, while msn-ing, i was playing scrabble with idk who but she's quite good at it.

*ughh look at my points instead of her's.

i'm suck at that game, thank you. HAHA

Friday, February 5, 2010


Finally aku dpt update blog nihh. setelah beberapa hari tak tulis, rasa lain jee. and hari ni aku bertekad nak tulis jugak :D mcm biasa lahh aku tulis dari hari ni punya smpai lahh hari selasa lalu.

Hari ini, Jumaat.

bgn pkul 10 kot. terus turun bawah online. sambil tuh basuh baju yg da masuk 2 hari tak basuh tuh HAHA. then panaskn laksa johor semalam, sbb nk bagi baby* kat rumah ni mkn [*the baby is my BIG brother ;p] then mandi and mkn. continue online. then tetiba hujan -.- baju yg dah kering sikit tuh terus basah balik :| bila hujan, kene off comp and tv. so i ended up sleeping! aha mmg terbeb lah. mama pun join skali tido. then tetiba ada org call. pkai phone rumah plak tuh. rupanya anak Sulaiman niii. ajak lepak. so, ok lhh. Syida ambik. Ada Dirah. Pegi ambik Tira *minah ni dah sehat ;p then lepak Giant jln2. Jumpa kembar Shameer Ismael :) last2 lepak Secret Recipe. buli Tikah. haha then grak KFC tapau n pulang :D

Semalam, Khamis.

bangun pkul 9. dah janji dgn mama nk kemas rumah *tuh pun sbb mama bagi gaji dulu HAHA tp lapar + nk bg baby* mkn so masak utk breakfast. masak roti telur [roti yg disalut dgn telur] and french fries. yeah i know the combination is weird tp dah tuh je yg ada kat umah. then basuh pinggan, sapu sampah, mop lantai, kemas kemas fuhh penat gila. dh lh peluh kluar sebijik2 -.- then ptg pegi skolah pulak tuh. nk tgk budak2 kawad. ptg hujan, then grak umah Miza ambik brg n pegi umah Isk ambik flipflop. balik Amar hntrkn -.- haha err thx :D mlm pegi giant sbb ada discussion bout PRS. then mkn Secret :) *kitaorang mmg "kaya" mkn kat sana. haha then 10pm++ balik umah :)

Semalam punya semalam, Rabu.

bgn 7.30am HAHA. yeah pegi sarapan kat Bai. then main Tennis dgn Miza Isk Eddie Haziq Juede. *mencuba benda baru :D best2 tp penat kutip bola je sbnrnya HAHA. then pegi swimming :DD ada Afif Syed. tgh2 panas pulak tuh -.- semua mandi kat area sejuk. haha gedik gila mamat2 sekalian nii. dlm 1.55pm grak tuka baju. Gosh aku memekak dlm changing room sbb tgk badan kene sunburn. haha. Miza lg best. dia tk mndi kot. i repeat, TAK MANDI. tuka baju je. busuk! HAHA then terus gerak tmpt driving sbb ada lesson. jumpa Dirah! orang agak ramai. and as usual, blaja parking lagi -.- kitaorang dpt buat dlu and dpt balik awal :) kitaorang grak umah Tira *melawat kali kedua. main PS2 lagi haha bestt je. memula plan nk pegi taman, tp hujan, mcm ape je -.- n pkul 7pm++ cmtuh kitaorg balik.

oh yeah, AKU KENE KEJAR DGN ANJING! SIA* KAU. %$@#%&&*$%$%# serious doh anjing tuh jarak dia cm 10cm je dgn aku. dh lh mulut ternganga, rasa2 kene samak kot seluar yg aku pkai tuh, kot2 kene saliva dia, YUCKS! mcm siodd je. tgh elok elok jln, skali pndg kanan, ada anjing yg bebas [meaning bukn kt dlm rumah and kene ikat or smthing] and dia terus lari kat aku! aku nak lari, tp konpom dia kejar nnt. so aku pusing balik and jln dgn cepat sambil menjerit "OHMYGOD, AMIZAAAA HELP MEEEE!" Miza yg tgh blur pusing and tekejut gila. Dia pun ngong, ade ke dia stay kat situ and just lambai2 tgn dia *kire panggil aku suh pegi kat dia -.- aku jalan dgn laju, but anjing tuh was like lari + lompat2 smpai dia kt dpan aku. then aku try pusing but dia still ikot. so aku pun pegi jelah kt Miza. sh*t je. last2 dia blah. So aku kene jln jauh -.- sumpah mase tuh dah trauma dohh. lpas tuh pegi 7e. then balik.

*aku ngan Miza mati2 ingat yg anjing tuh nk gigit kaki aku :|

Semalam punya semalam punya semalam, Selasa.

pagi tuh dlm pkul 2.45am, rumah aku blackout. dah lh tgh online. mse tuh da mcm2 pikir kot. sooo i grabbed my phone n use the lights nak bukak balik power kat main switch. but then still tak on gak. dah cuak gila. last2 on gak. fuhhh. so terus tido kott. then bgn pagi :) tp kene tinggal dgn mama so grak skola jln! ada Miza Syed n Haziq. kitorg xkeje pun. just tgk je dorang buat. then lpak Bai mkn. lapa lapa. lme gle plak lepak. dr kul 10 pg smpai 2 or 3 pm. haha then grak umah Afif. dia suruh tlg masakkn. tp smpai umah dia, satu apa pun takda. so masak jela sardin n telur goreng :) then ptg tuh grak umah Tira melawat kali pertama :D ohyeahh sian diaa. so kitorg online n main PS2. haha best kot game dia, smpai xpegi taman ;p balik 7.30pm. plan nk jln, tp umi sgt sgt caring n dia nk hntr aku balik :) and and Tira pun ikot. 1st time kluar rumah tuhh. slpas sminggu kott dduk dlm umah je. heeeee :DD

*best tak baca? konpom bosan kan? haha biar lhh.

p/s: dah 4 hari tk dtg taman, sedeh :(


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I don't know why but i easily get sleepy these few days. I usually sleep at 3am, but now i'm very sleepy and it's not even 12 am yet! ohmy. i think it's because that i'm doing a lot of activities and i rarely stay at home.

Sorry guys i haven't update my blog. Everytime i write a post, i feel sleepy. Even right now my eyes are getting smaller and smaller and smaller. So just be patient okay. i'll publish my other post soon :)


Monday, February 1, 2010

And again,

Just finished MSN with Esad. Dia ajak webcam, but i don't have it. So dia jela yg webcam. And inilah hasilnya.

Whatthe? haha yupp. Dia malas nk bukak lampu + malu -__-" apelaa so yg nmpk gigi dia jela. *Click the pic for best result. HAHA serious dow. dlm gelap2 tuh, gigi je yg nmpk. hehe

ada skali tuh dia pg bukak mata dia besar2. so agak scary laa HAHA

For now,

Actually taknak *malas nak tulis post utk hari ni punya. But sbb bosan punya pasal, tulis laaa.

Ptg td grak Ehsan! perghhh lama siodd tak pegi sanaa. last one was 8 - 9 years ago HAHA. padahal 5min je dah smpai. Plan nk bincang pasal PRS. Ada Yana Miza Tusy Afif Syed Nik Nazrin Eddie and Azrin :)

Petang lagi lepak Bai. Lpas tuh lepak kat tepi jalan. Pkul 7 blik umah. Malam online :D

Oh Esad, rindu kau HAHA

*ada few parts tuh aku skip sbb malas nk cite. haha :)