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Ze Owner
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Friday, February 12, 2010

More or less.

more pictures on MSN. this is because i'm bored and lazyy to write my post. ahahah

1, TIRA.
bru start main, tgk score tuh -.-

heh akhirnya aku dpt strike ;p

tira membalas dendam HAHA

huh bangga tira menang skali kan? haha

*this is what we do when we got bored kan? AHHA she's good at uno, and i'm good at bowling, fair lah kan? haha

2, MIZA.

miza control ;p

muahaha miza mawas ;p

candid, huh lawa plak. hehe

*both of them means a lot to me, and so do you, my friends. don't worry, i love you guys equally, nothing more or less, OKAY?

p/s : do talk to me on MSN n i'll put you in my blog :P

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