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Ze Owner
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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, i don't really know what to write this time. heh oh ya, fyi i'm not gonna post whatever i did today, yesterday and blabla, unless i want to. bcuz i think it's kind bored, plus someone "complained" at me and said "buat ape tulis post hari2, takde orang bace pun" ahah siodd jeee dia tuh. but then i replied "elehh dia tuh lg lahh. org baca hari ni, then seminggu lpas tuh baru bukak balik blog dia" HAHA padan muka kauu :P

Btw, my dad FINALLY realized that i'm sick, sedih kan? -.- so he gave me Clarinase and Woods' peppermint cough syrup, so i think i'm getting better KOT hehe :D funny doh, he thought that i was having a fever, apelaaa.

Yeah, currently, i'm kinda busy with driving lessons, QTI is coming soon, and JPJ's on March 12, -.- lama lagii. ughhh last Tues, i went to AMSA Bangi, and i was very very proud bcuz i hit the divider at the 3 point turn's, HAHA i mean, bukan langgar yang mendatangkan calar or kemek or what, but tayar naik atas divider, so the car was like, naik atas bonggol yg tggi, and it was only the left front part, cool huh? HAHAHA :DD luckily Abg Harif wasn't mad at me :) and and Darryl kept complimenting me all day (well, not actually all day HAHA) bcuz i drove better than Tira, AHAH it's okay dear, you'll do better soon :D

Besides that, i'm doing my job as a writer/clerk at home, bcuz i spend almost all my time onlining, HAHA rindu nak lepak dengan TV :( haha plus, i'll be doing "maid's" job when needed, -.- so i spend my time at home, save duittt hehe. GIRLS, bile nak kluar ni? lame xtawaf shpping mall dow hehe. nak tgk wayanggggg, ice skating, bowling, try2 baju n kasut tp tk beli haha, taking picturesssssssss :DD

*Haha, all the pictures were taken in 2007, i repeat, 2007! haha short hair was my favorite that time i think, :) i found these pictures accidentally dohh HAHA.

ouhh, the hair :(

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