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Ze Owner
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Monday, February 22, 2010


I was so shocked when i opened my FB account, Chen Shin posted something on my wall :D

OHMY! I pass my english test! YEAHHHH :DD I'm freaking happy right now :) I don't care if the marks are not that good, but I PASSED! that's more important to me. I had a hard time for this exam as i took it right after i finished SPM's. I felt the pressure more than my SPM's cuz my friends were enjoying themselves but i was still stuck in an exam, for one more day! But now i'm glad that i made it :)

Thank You so much for everything :D

The teachers :Miss Lisa, Mr Michael *both of the Michael's, Mr Joseph, Mr Glenn;

My classmates : Meryl, Yian Yian, Yian Yu, Jia Wen, Christine, Zhi Ying and Jia He;

My Friday class classmates : Khai Ling, Amy, Yan Xin, Chloe, and _______ *sorry can't remember :P


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