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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 21 - Favorite Infinite pairing

WARNING : If you don't like guy pairing (or gays if that's what you call it), please do skip this post. I don't want you to hate them and probably hate me too.

HAR HAR HAR HAR so far there are few pairings in this group.

1st - WooGyu (Woohyun n Sunggyu)

2nd - YaDong (Hoya n Dongwoo)

3rd - MyungYeol (Myungsoo/L n Sungyeol)

4th - MyungJong (Myungsoo/L n Sungjong)

and also others.

And my choice is .......................... YADONG! kah kah kah loving this Rappers Got Married forever :B

WooGyu's not bad XD

and MyungYeol too :33333333

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