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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 5 - Favorite Infinite song

I was supposed to write yesterday, but I forgot. I was onlining the whole day OTL and I kept forgetting until today, until now ~_~ Forgive me ppl!

So, favourite Infinite song? That's the question? Ahhhhhhh I love (almost) all of their songs :3 Besides all those promotion, comeback, follow up, debut songs that you already know, imma tell you about the other track inside the album, to which I love listening to everyday :)

Honestly, from their First Invasion EP, I've only heard "Come back Again" and "She's Back" track. And I've listened to half of the track "Wings" and "Entrust." *Ohhhh I'm such a bad Inspirit :(  Promise I'll listen to it soon! Between those two tracks, I prefer "She's Back" :)

Next, inside the Evolution EP, I've listened to all of the tracks except "I Don't Know." *Again, I'm a bad Inspirit :( Of course, "BTD" and "Can U Smile" are my forever favourite :3 "Hysterie" is not that bad either :)

"Voice Of My Heart," I really like this song :) Sungyeol's voice :3

Another EP Inspirit, only consists of 3 tracks which are "Nothing's Over", "Shot", and "Can U Smile (Remake version)" in which two of them are my all-time-favourite :P

Finally, the first ever full album is released, Over The Top! Consists of 10 tracks (11 plus the hidden track), where I put all of the tracks in repeat mode :P

"1/3," They performed this during their comeback recently, and I was surprised at YaDong (the Rappers Got Married couple) who sang instead of rap *yes before this I didn't know that they are also vocalists, face palmed* and fell in love with it!

Next song, "Amazing." They also performed this together with their comeback last month. And again, why is Hoya singing!?!?!?! I was surprised (again) hahaha my fav part is (refer the video above, the middle part) during Dongwoo's rapping where he laughs (yes his laugh is included in this song LOL) and then when he finished both Hoya and him laugh together hahahaha and not to forget the last part where Sungyeol sings :3333

Other songs include "Julia," "Tic Toc," "Time (Woohyun's solo)," and of course, "Be Mine" are always in my mind :)

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