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Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Days Of Infinite

Hello people! I noticed that I haven't been blogging for 18 days, kinda long huh? haha oh well, I've been having this sickness since forever and it is called "LAZY". That's the reason why I don't update regularly kkkkkkk

I've started my 3 weeks holiday last Monday and only God knows how happy I am as I get more time watching (a lot of) videos related to K-Pop :3 And I know that I won't be blogging these days (eventhough it's holiday) unless it is something related to K-Pop hahaha

The title speaks itself, so i'm gonna write about 30 Days Of Infinite (starting today). I got these from Reen's Tumblr. To make sure that my blog is still alive, I shall write about it here :3

Day 1 - How you discovered Infinite
Day 2 - First favorite Infinite member
Day 3 - Current favorite Infinite member and why
Day 4 - First Infinite song you heard/MV you watched
Day 5 - Favorite Infinite song
Day 6 - Favorite Infinite MV
Day 7 - Infinite song that makes you happy
Day 8 - Infinite song that makes you emotional
Day 9 - Infinite choreography that you memorized or want to learn
Day 10 - Favorite episode of You Are My Oppa
Day 11 - Favorite episode of Days of Infinite
Day 12 - Favorite Infinite photoshoot
Day 13 - Favorite Infinite performance
Day 14 - Favorite Infinite era
Day 15 - Favorite Infinite quote/interview
Day 16 - Best dancer in Infinite
Day 17 - Best singer in Infinite
Day 18 - Most attractive Infinite member
Day 19 - Funniest Infinite member
Day 20 - Cutest Infinite member
Day 21 - Favorite Infinite pairing
Day 22 - What you like about Sunggyu
Day 23 - What you like about Dongwoo
Day 24 - What you like about Woohyun
Day 25 - What you like about Hoya
Day 26 - What you like about Sungyeol
Day 27 - What you like about Myungsoo
Day 28 - What you like about Sungjong
Day 29 - Favorite Infinite group picture
Day 30 - Why you love Infinite

And no, I'm not talking about that infinity in Mathematics ~_~ Im talking about that Infinite in the picture above <3 Still, they use the same symbol for their group. Infinite consists of seven members and they debuted in 2010. Okay for more info, click here! Remember I'm having a disease right now? So yeah I can't write much :P

I'm excited wooohoooo!!!! I'll start writing bout it on my next post!

Till then! <3

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