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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 6 - Favorite Infinite MV

This is going to be a short post (to me maybe yes) hehehe

Third place goes to : Be Mine MV!

Although I don't really understand the MV and I don't really care about it (but I do understand what the song is about okay), what I care is the boys :3 They look so manly and im in love with their cool hand choreography kkkkkkk and I noticed Sungyeolie's dance mistake in this MV (during chorus) where I found it as cute >.< Also, Sunggyu lip sync-ed Woohyun parts (yes I saw that Gyu!) kkkkkk

Second place : Nothing's Over!

When the video is played, and the first person I saw is that smiling (and choding) Sungyeol, I WENT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (screams) :333 The song is nice, the MV is nice too, love the last part where they look completely like bunch of cute dorks playing around ><

And first place goes to : ............

HAHAHAHA "She's Back(from YAMO)" I know this is not the official MV, but they did a remake with Jiae and I find it damn hilarious! With Sungyeolie as the director (LOL) and their rolling and their jumping plus scary Jiae hahahaha and yes, I prefer this one than their official MV ooppsssss kkkkkk


  1. hahaha btw it's ALLKPOP :P biar la janji hidup blog gua :DD