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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 3 - Current favorite Infinite member and why

WARNING : This post is like a spam hahahaha just skip to the videos and make sure you watch it!

Hehe I'm just too excited to write a post about the 3rd Day so yeah I kinda like waited until 12:00AM just to start writing this :PPP

So, the award goes to ............. *drumrolls*

Infinite main dancer, rapper, and vocal, Lee Howon!!!!!!! Or known as Hoya baby kkkkkkkk yes, he is multi-talented and that is the main reason why he's my number 1 now (and dumped Dongwoo omg). Haha he's neither the oldest, nor the youngest, he's in the middle. Even in his family he's in between his older and his younger brother, what a coincidence. 

His own trademark : "I say HO, you say YA, HO! YA! HO! YA!"

This kid really loves purple (okay I just found out bout that when I was searching the photos hahaha) so I shall give him something that has purple on it as a present >.< He can be dork and cute and hot at the same time <3 I think I found him after I watched their MVs and performances and I realized that he was always at the front (as he's the main dancer). And then all of a sudden his face is somehow stuck in my mind. Until now. oohhhhhhh~

My favourite couple/pair for Hoya? DONGWOO! "RAPPERS GOT MARRIED!" FTW! Yes, I actually saw Hoya after I saw Dongwoo and I didn't know that they were actually a "couple" kkkkkkkkk (pls ppl, they're not GAY okay? They look normal and just fine) I love how they are both the rappers and the main dancers. And I love how Dongwoo and him are always together and when they shared the same hotel room in Singapore. I love it when Hoya calls Dongwoo "hyung" and Dongwoo will either smile or laugh while looking at him :D

More YaDong moments XD Look at them. Ahhhh my OTP. Hoya slapped Dongwoo's butts and Dongwoo smiles widely!!!!! And then when they held hands kkkkkkkkk they seem happy :3 Besides Dongwoo, I like seeing him with Sungjong and Sungyeol as well as other members :)

I should probably stop babbling a lot cuz I know I might not be able to finish it by tomorrow if I continue XD So yeah, let me summarize this. Why is Hoya my favourite? Well, it's because he's multi-talented (dancing, rapping, singing), he's cute, dork, funny, hot, very masculine (LOL), he looks short to me :P, YaDong couple XD, can't do aegyo OTL and many more!

This proves that he can sing. Oh well, ignore those accent. They sound cuter with that accent okay, and ignore Sungyeol too (YES THAT CHODING IN THIS VIDEO XD) At first, I don't know that he's a vocalist so when I heard him singing, I was facepalm-ed (is that even a word?) and I was :O too

So that's all for this post. Feel like I should write more XD Till then~


Yes, that moment when the manliest member of Infinite had to do aegyo (act cute) and he followed Woohyun's failed aegyo hahahaha epic!

Saranghaeyo Lee Howon~

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