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Monday, April 26, 2010


Finally i feel like wanna write something. HAHA okay okay, first, i want to write about Last Monday, 19 April.

Venue : Sunway Pyramid
Purpose : Watch Kick Ass
With : Athirah Zuber

Yes, I was on a date with her :) We arrived before 11 bcuz the movie started at 11.30. *Act we wanna bought couple seat, but nahhhhh it's okay. After we bought it, we went to see Amiza and Ibu since they were there too. Their movie start at 12.10 i think, but they got there earlier than us -.- pfffttt. Anyway, we ate some Auntie Anne's pretzel while waiting for the movie to start. And pictures too :)

Then went up to the cinema. Tira bought some fries from Island Potato in front of the cinema. We planned to brought that inside. But unfortunately, we can't took that inside, what a pffffttttt -.- and the movie's gonna start in any minute. We had no choice but to eat it outside. So we did it. It was still hot okay, and we're like some crazy people who ate so damn fast. Hahah. Thank god the movie just started. Afte 2 hrs, we went to our next pit stop, Carl's Jr.

Then, time to go home! yeahhh we went back quite early around 2 something rite? But before that, it's picture time again :)

After we arrived BK, we don't know what to do. So we went to Jusco Equine along with Aida :) Oh my, we were so crazy that time, laughing real hard mannnn while walking around. And and there's one thing here, we went upstairs by escalator cuz we thought there's another floor with some shops. BUT, it turned out to be the car park area! HAHAHA So we went back down with our "thick face" HAHA -__________-"

Great times with Tira and Aida :) I love you guys.

Around 6, mom wanted to go to Sunway cuz my bro wanna buy something, so i went to the Sunway, AGAIN -.-

~ I met my ex-school teacher AGAIN after i saw her when i was at Carl's Jr. I met her near that place too, wonder what she was doing for hours there, alone.

~ I met my YAYA, but she was with Hqm, thank god mama didn't see her, or else, ?

~ My brother didn't get his chance to buy his stuff cuz there was some prob, so my mom and i bought something instead. like mama said "tu lah, rezeki orang lain" haha

~ We planned to get back home and hoping my dad's already home, unfortunately, we arrived 5 mins early than him, so mom was like, wore back her tudung and pretend like we're going out, -.- haha

~ I went there with the same outfit, too lazy to change it :P

~ What else? Ohhhh, and mom just knew that there was a new car park inside Pyramid -.-

That's it. Wait for my next post. It took me one whole week for this post, WHAT? hahahaha sorry babe :)

*Sorry for the broken english :P

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