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Ze Owner
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


is A BIG day.

I'm starting my COLLEGE life :)

Of course, it all started with Orientation Day.

Gahhhh gotta sleep right now but i cant, haishhh.

Tu la kau, selalu tido kul 3 4 pagi, begini la jadinya :/

Btw, i'm preparing all my stuff for tomorrow :D And i decided to "melenggang" so does that requires a lot of preparation? :PP kekeke~

Wondering what would happen tomorrow :O

Excited + "Scared" + Happy + Sad = NO MORE LEPAK! :(

*For those who didn't know, i'm going to UCSI University which means University College Sedaya International KOT, hahaha alahh dulu nama dia Kolej Sedaya. It is in Cheras. And i'm taking Foundation in Science, i know, terkejut kan? :)

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