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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yelah yelah.

Fuyoh, lama nya tak update. HAHA anyway, i wanted to write about my day to Pyramid LAST WEDNESDAY! hahaha. sebab tak tulis minggu lepas : penat, ngantok, malas, lupe, takde mood, ape lagi kau nak?

So i went with my partners, Tira and Miza. Yang lain ade hal. Tujuan : ICE SKATING. Ya Allah, dah berapa lama tak pegiiiiii? dlm sebulan ade kot -.- anyway, smpai pukul 10 ++ and pegi pusing2 dulu. *bak kata ade orang tuh "asl kau suka dtg time time budak skola ehh?" (meaning : budak2 skolah kan selalunya dtg awl klau kluar, so kitaorang dianggap budak skolah la -.-) and around 11 masuk lah ice rink tuh. meninggalkan Tira sorang2 di luar :O nasib baik minah tuh selamat. sebab2 tira tak skate : dia TAK SUKA SKATE! haha lgpun dia ada class. Maklumlah org dh ber-college. aku masih lagi menanam anggur di Farmville. hahaha blabla. NEXT!

Wanna know smthing, there's one man who works there, always kacau us, apehal kau? AHAH he always did the brake thingy and then the ice would go all over my jeans. seriously, pahal kau ni? takde keje ke? in fact, not just us, but he also kacau other peoplessssss. but kitorang paling kene kacau ah. btw, we called him "MJ or Michael Jackson" cuz his voice is like him a bit. halus gituh. hehe

Oh ya, mase kitorang lepak jap. there's this one man came to us. then we borak2 blabla. he was there when Miza n I kene kacau but he didn't help us at all -.- anddd, we took a picture with him.

That's him. He's Ayieeeee :)

Anyway, he's kind. He teached us how to brake, do the cross legs blabla. sorry Miza if i was like not interested that time, it's just that i can't do those brake and all. I tried but it didn't seem to work on me. HAHA

Then, at 1 pm++, the boys came, FINALLY. Those boys were Fizi Ooi and his fellars. About 7 people total. Then Syed came too, and Myraa. We keep on playing until almost 4 cuz i'm tired and hungry and my feet is quite hurt. Whatever.

Tuh Fizi. Dia gemok kan? HAHAHAHAHA tough konon :PP

Next stop, Sushi King. That was my first time ever to Sushi King. LOL. So i didn't know there were more than just sushi. i was attracted to the sushi belt, that was why i ate so slowwwwww. i had the dory fish with black pepper sauce and rice and miso soup and egg caramel i guess. Gosh, the egg thinggy really tasted like BLUEKKKK! Yucks man! haha There's also Crab meat in there, so i tried to eat one. and it also tastes bad. I'll never ever eat those egg again.

it's on the bottom left, even the smell was like -.-
*and yes, aku kuat makan, licin kan? HAHAH

After that, we went to some shops and bought some things. Around 5.30 kot, we went home. But before that,

Picture time! haha

I had fun. Thanks to Amiza for the ride :) And sorry for the late post. At least i did write something right? Bye.

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