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Ze Owner
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Gahhhh it's 4am right now. i repeat, 4AM! LOL i can't sleep weh! maybe because of that day i didn't sleep at all? haihhhh that was my first time this year KOT. hahah idk why but i think i'd forgotten that i HAD a BLOG! -.- that's why i haven't posted anything. adehhhhhh. Right now i haven't thought about anything so i'll write something later, i promise.

and about my last post, the thing i said was wrong. it has nothing to do with the cars or hair or whatsoever, so don't you ever think that i'm gonna get a new car. it's just IMPOSSIBLE! HAHA

*oh yeah, i'm totally serious about "forgotten my blog" WEH! haishhh semut banyak kat umah niii masuk dalam air yg aku minum tiap tiap hari -.-

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