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Ze Owner
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Friday, March 5, 2010


Actually i want to write post about my outings with my SKBK and SKS1 fellars last Wed, but i think it will take some time, so sorry guys, MALAS LAH. haha

Now everybody's talking about SPM results, so that makes me nervous. Even the sentence "everybody's talking bout SPM's" instead of "SPM result 11 March" pun ramai yang cakap, adehhhh :| It's on next Thursday, 11 March, and JPJ test is on Friday, 12 March, SHI* ! Oh man, i've never feel this kind of nervous in my whole life, huh :\

One more thing, people were arguing with their previous results like "kau lagi pandai", "kau ada A jugak kan", "kau punye math tak penah bwh 80 kann", "kat kelas kau top kan" blablabla. Seriously, i hate it. lebih lebih lagi kalau aku yang kene -.- adehh. okay i maybe boleh tahan kat kelas but this is SPM weh, lain sangat :|

So let's just pray for our results. I've done my best, WE'VE done our best, kan? I'm really worried about my History and Account the MOST, like seriously :'(