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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday, i had my JPJ test. It was scary okayhh! There was a few possibilities that i might fail the test. And, i didn't do my best on my last class :/ haih.

Anyway, i was placed at the 3rd session, i repeat, 3rd session! that means it's in the afternoon -.- thank god Tira's also same with me :O Yes, Fera and Izzudin too. Also, the "repeat"people Atikah and Maria. Gaahhh memang merana tunggu.

Nak tau? tunggu dari 12.30 sampai kul 5 ptg baru dpt buat -.- dah la sesi 2 punye pun ade yg tk buat lagi. tuh yg melambatkan. haihhh saba jelah. Litar's first. Tira's num was 41 and i was 42 :D

Masa bukit :

me;that jpj

*after Tira had passed, i went to the bukit and stop. it was 50%-75% ke depan. but still in the yellow line
err nk turun buat balikk?
haa? tuh dah masuk da tuh takkan nk buat lagi kot?
ohh yeke? ok lahh *angkat tangan and tunjuk num.
ok boleh jalan

Masa parking :

after turun bukit tuh, rain drops slowly maannn. haihh nasib baik tak heavy rain. i got parking 2. facing with Tira who's at parking 1 -.- haha then do all the stuff, and angkat tgn at the jpj yg pegang payung *sumpah dia agak comel kott HAHA


Masa 3 pointer / point turn :

suppose to stopped at tempat yg ada tanda but now it's gone! *mase class ada pemegang payung jadik penanda tp the jpj cabut! -.- i can't remember kat mana. so bantai jelah. at the 1st point, my car was straight but closer to the right. takut nnt tayar kanan depan langgar divider, so adjust the stereng while reverse and it was shi*. blakang almost langgar line, shi* again.

Anyway, LULUS!

Next, on the road.

You know what, after num 41, mesti 42 kan? but orang tuh g panggil 46 dulu -.- klau tak dah dpt dah WQX 6202 kott *that's our metro car, AMSA pinjam pulak. haihhh the jpj was ok koootttt.

me;the jpj

nur syahirah iye?
ni SPM dpt brapa A?
hah? hehehe errr alaa *A jela.
*A je? ishh ni mesti banyak boyfriend nii kaann?
haaaa? mane ade lahh.
iye lah tuh

then we remain silent until i made few mistakes, oh mannn! so he was a bit angry at me :O but then ok lahh.


Big THANKS to Abg Harif, Darryl, Amin, Shafiq/Boboi, Ezzamy :D later i blanje you guys ok :P
Thanks also to Yana n Syida of lending me their cars :P

So the conclusion is, i PASSED :D *cepatlah lesen keluar, lamanya nk tggu seminggu :P

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