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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Went to PJCAD for 2 days. There's a workshop for FREE! haha although it has nothing to do with me *means i'm not continuing my studies with art / graphic design / interior design / blablabla courses. HAHA so i went with Miza, Syida, and Dirah. It started from 10am - 4pm


Nazrin hantarkan. Well we were lost at first. Thank god we found it. But it's already 10.30. When we reached there, thank god it hasn't started yet. Fuhhh. There's about 30++ people there and mostly chinese and malay. He [can't remember his name] divided us into 3 groups which the 4 of us were separated except Syida and Dirah. Then, each group were divided into 2 groups because the group was too big, he said. so, total 6 groups. each group must design their own bag and build a booth. i'm the only malay in my group. the others were chinese, total 4 girls, 1 boy. That boy was soooooooooo shy so whenever i looked at him, he will look back and smile :) HAHA and our main theme was GREEN. "save the trees", "going green", "reduce, reuse, recycle", you know, stuff like that. the bag was actually PJCAD's 'carry all bag' *means it's more like a tote bag. and the bag was in landscape with a graphic at the front. so my group decided to do the "green thinggy" at the back. so it's like a 2 in 1 bag. you know, there's no back side. many ideas came out like put a zip, made some pockets, leave a space for water bottles, blablabla. so today we focused more on the ideas and start making it.

as for the booth, my group *actually 1 of my members, decided to make it since she's interested to it. maybe she's into interior design. so she did it. we decided that we won't use a label / brand so we used PJCAD as the label. i'm more into the bag, so i don't really get the idea for the booth, HAHA. anyway, i coloured the actual front bag *the one with the graphics. there's only red, green, black and white colour. i just coloured it with red *the bag itself is in black, and the words, graphics wasin white, so takkan nak colour white / black lagi kann? then around 12.50 we had lunch. it was fried rice with fried chicken and fried eggs. and it was YUMMY! seriously.

after lunch, i continued by putting some white cloths at the bag, err dekat pemegang beg tuh. and i went upstairs to sew the end of the cloths. and it was soooooo COOL. you know, 1 room full of sewing machines, another room with clothes, there were designed bag hanging up, awesome drawing. wow so i continued colouring the bag until it ends. at first i heard that we may took the bag home, but then he said no. i was quite disappointed. haihh. i only managed took some strings and buttons home. after it ends, we walked to the Asia Jaya Putra LRT Station because Nazrin's working. We stopped at Masjid Jamek's station, went to Star LRT and stopped at Bukit Jalil. Took a cab, and Dirah HAD to sit in front, HAHA reached at bus stop near 7e. Miza and i planned to go to the park, but it rained so we went home.

*at night, my house blackout 2 times. mandi at 8.45pm, HAHA.

Hari ini, Sabtu.

Hari kedua. pegi sana naik Daddy Dirah. kiteorang sampai awal dlm 9.45pagi. so pegi mkn dlu. try Subway, and kene rm14 -__________-" lpas tuh grak masuk n terus start. and ada mat salleh join hari ni. tp dia pompuan lahh. and dia group lain. but dia balik awl. the chinese boy smpai dulu, and as always, he's still smiling. i love bullying him. haha oh yeah btw, his name is Chaos. haha actually apatah nme dia, but dia suh pggl tuh. so i spend most of the time colouring the corak2. while the others pegi siapkn booth tuh. oh ya, that girl yang in charge utk booth tuh pegi Johor, and aku baru nk tnye ape motif dia buat tuh. so cite dia aku tatau booth tuh pasal apa. HAHA.

lunch, Miza mkn dgn aku sbb alasan dia nk share. n aku pun busyyy gilaaa so aku suh dia suapkan aku, hahahaha *jgn jeles ;p haha hari ni mkn nasi dgn ayam, tp tk sedap sgt doww. takpelahh. rezeki, free pulak tuhh, soo xleh nk complain sgt. sambil tuh aku still colour that bag. and around 2pm, kteorg siapkan the other side aka the green side. haha ad pokok2, tulisan2, daun2, gambar2, ok jugak lahh.

while dorang arrange things for the bag, aku pegi lah colour base booth tuh. skali colour light brown habisssss. try dark brown, add white and yellow, agak lawa lahh. skali brown habis. adoiii yg base tuh dah buruk gila dah, tanya Miza. so aku main hentam je colour, mmg TERUK GILA, sumpah. plus, awal2 ok lagi, tp budak group aku sorang ni lagi pegi rosakkan. dia main bantai je colour. then the "smiley guy" HAHA dia dtg ane tanya "ini apa colour??? aiyooo" haha mmg buruk gila. aku da menyumpah2, melalut sorang diri, tanya Miza lagi. hehe last2 dia ckp "eh, colour black lahh. black byk lagi maaa", haha siot jee. aku mmg dah takde mood gilaa so, "aishh suka hati lahhh" and terus blah pg kat bag balik. mmg penat + bengang = siot je. HAHA

org tuh kata kul 3 kene stop, so kteorg mmg rushing gila lahhh. memula nak jahit tulisan2 tuh, skali tak sempat so guna tape tampal sudehh HAHA. then sempat lah letak buttons skali. while dorang tampal, aku susun lahh daun2 and fence kat booth tuh and, LAWAAAAAAA gak dohh hehehe. siap ada "orang DiGi" lagi haha alaa the yellow coloured man lah. hehe then the bag pun siap. tepat2 kul 3. then org tuh ckp 30 mins utk clearkn table. sambil tuh, aku sempat colour lagi bag tuh sbb ada part tak colour lagii. and tak lawa, so aku colour lahh. sume tgk aku cm "mak aih dia nih sempat lg nak colour, org lain dah siap dah" tuh lahh. aku cm, lantak kau lahh. janji aku punya lawa di mata aku. hahah

then da siap, kene lah present our bag and the booth. actually kteorg punya tk mcm booth pun, but lantak kau laa haha. so one by one group present. then it's time bebehh. haha even our group name is GREEN. and guess what, aku sorang je yg pkai bju green. padahal smlm da ckp da, pakai baju hijauuuuu. but takpelahh. ada tulis about green and ada leaf kat baju dorang, so okay lahh. then aku start. tp aku tukang introduce jehh. ckp nme kumpulan, n team members. haha lpas tuh aku pass jehh kat si Suzanne tuh. dia pun cm takut2. lpas tuh dia pegi bebel psl earth lahh plastik lahh. bkn nk ckp psl beg tuh -__-' pastuh utk booth tuh dia suh aku ckp. aku mmg nak ckp tp td kn aku da ckp, aku xpaham sgt motif menda alah tuh. kang aku slh ckp plakk, kene boo kang ahha. lgpun tuh bkn idea akuu. so kteorg agak ke"bangang"an kat dpan tuh. then da abisssss. ambik gamba and byebye! haha

balik dgn daddy dirah lagii. thanks uncle, cewah ahah. miza lpak umah aku. then grak bai dgn eddie n hzq. then ada la manusia2 lainnn. ada TIRA! ohyeahhh aku rindu itu minahh! hehe and and aku tak sengaja tersembur air kat miza, HAHAHA geli kann? sorry wehh, kau mmg tmpt kne sembur, AHAH then lpak taman. then balik eddie hntr. mlm pegi giant dgn mama. then balik. then online :)

*weewitt aku nak gamba kenangan di PJCAD. cepatlah upload, hahaha. and aku tulis pnjg kann? hahaha mata da berat gila nii tp demi blog, sanggup tulis. hahaha

p/s: berangan nak tulis dlm english, tapi tak larat nk tulis lama2. baru tulis first day dah penat. tuh yg second day rojak jee. haha. lgpun byk gila broken english, HAHAHA enjoyy :D

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